Fall Fashion Trends

Ailyn Vasquez Taveras, Staff Writer

Fashion is a form of expression used by many, especially teenagers. Because of the pandemic last year, we weren’t able to really see many students express themselves as most of them stayed home. However, with schools opening back up this fall, students have been able to express themselves once again through their clothes.  

With 5,000 students attending Brentwood High School, it isn’t hard to point out what clothing pieces are in trend. Walking down the hallways, most students have something in common, baggy clothing.  

Ailyn Vasquez Taveras

Whether its baggy t-shirts, baggy pants, or baggy jackets, it is clear that wearing loose fitted pieces have become more aesthetically pleasing. This recent kind of style carries a more retro and relaxed feel as it takes past trends from the 90s and early 2000s and combines them with a more modern approach.  

For example, one student in the hallways was seen wearing black baggy cargo pants, a tucked graphic tee, and a big varsity jacket. Another student, Valerie Henriquez, whom I was able to interview was wearing a oversized knitted sweater and loose blue jeans. I asked her what is the reason why she thinks baggy and retro clothing are trending now.  

“Social media influences the fashion trends that kids follow because they see their favorite social media influencer being idolized for the clothes so in turn they would want to wear the same clothes,” Henriquez said.  

When asked what kind of social media platforms she had in mind, she briefly said, “TikTok.”

So how did this trend really start other than it being influenced by 90s and 2000s fashion? Two words: micro-trends. 

Though social media platforms such as TikTok (as Valerie mentioned) and Instagram have done a great job at promoting sustainable fashion and thrifting, they have done an even better job at promoting fast fashion retailers like Shien, H&M, Forever 21, and many other stores. These retailers cater to trends that quickly rise into popularity and fall even faster than they rise.  

A staple piece you can currently find within their shelves are oversized graphic tees and sweatshirts which is what you see on a typical high school student nowadays. Its normal for a teenager to go after what everyone else is wearing so that they fit in and because they usually cant afford 50 dollars for a t-shirt, they’ll usually end up buying one for 15 bucks  at their nearest Rue 21. This is totally fine but the problem persists when it continues to happen and we start seeing pieces from these stores appear in thrift stores and donation centers after such a short period of time within a trend.  

Although it’s hard to prevent issues like these when everyone wants to fit in with the latest trends, a solution to this is turning to sustainable fashion like thrifting. If that’s not an option for you, limiting the amount of clothes you buy each year can make a big difference.