Supne (Dream)


by Gabriela Morataya Meza

Supne (dream)


I want to touch the sky

I want to go from low to high

Life is nonsense

I want to fly to the sky


Money is not my dream

Dream is my scheme

Nature is that thing

where I want to stay


Game is not my fame

Love is a thing

that I need

Dad provides many things

that I wish I could give in return

Mom is my love

that no one can buy- priceless.


“Giving up early is bad,”

my great grandfather said

The world is fake

thinking money is everything


Supne is the thing

that we need;

never mess up your dreams


Move & never look back

“Time is a great thing,”

Fateh said.

“Peace is good for something.”


Supne is the dream

Supne is the love

Supne is the goal

that you never miss in life.