C.O.P.A. Club Tournament

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C.O.P.A. Club Tournament

Susanna Ricciardi, C.O.P.A Advisor

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C.O.P.A. is an acronym that stands for Community, Obligation, Professionalism, and Achievement. This is the first year that C.O.P.A has been recognized as an official club. It was formed by Mr. Martinez of Brentwood High School after facilitating six years of soccer tournaments for students. C.O.P.A.’s advisors are: Mr. Martinez, Mrs. Ramirez, Mrs. Ricciardi, Mr. Brugger, and Mr. Archaga. Using the excitement and love for soccer that the diverse high school students bring with them from their various cultures and home countries, the advisors seek to motivate them to adopt and implement good attendance, study and behavior practices. Funds raised by the tournaments go towards senior awards such as scholarships, year books, and prom tickets that will help new students to assimilate and participate in the “American High School experience.”

The requirements to participate in the C.O.P.A. tournaments are:
• respect for themselves, family, peers and people in authority.
• good attendance to school and all their classes.
• good study habits and maintain an average grade of 75% in all classes.
• consistently promote and encourage good behavior to others around them.

At the November 10 C.O.P.A tournament, 16 male teams and 8 female teams competed. The New York Red Bulls also showed off their skills during a special presentation.

At the November 16 Awards ceremony, awards were given in the following categories: Best Scorer (male & female), Best goalkeeper (male & female), 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place trophies (male & female), and participation awards for the rest of the teams.

COPA Teams:

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