How to Prevent Credit Damage at a Young Age

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How to Prevent Credit Damage at a Young Age

Alfredo Gonsalez, Staff Writer

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Many older people are living today with damaged credit. Due to bad credit, it is more difficult for these people to buy a new car, a new house, or make any other big purchases. Unfortunately, they’re stuck driving the same car they were driving 20 years ago because every bank out there is afraid to lend them a loan. has said that 30% of Americans are living with damaged credit. Here’s how you can avoid becoming part of that statistic.

1. Pay off your Current Debts

Before you worry about your credit score, you should worry about your account balances and ask yourself if you owe money to any corporations or individual parties. If it turns out that you do, you should pay it off before applying for any credit cards. You may be tempted to use your credit to pay someone back, but that’ll only be the beginning of the horror known as bad credit! If you skip this step it’ll be impossible to fulfill what is to come.

2. Spend Wisely

The reason you apply for credit cards is obviously to spend money. That doesn’t mean that you should spend recklessly, though. If you want to spend money on certain goods, you have to make sure that they are a reasonable purchase. People tend to spend on their wants and although it is okay to treat yourself, it isn’t something that you can do all the time. Credit is mostly for your needs! You don’t need that new $100 sweater.


Something that loaners love to see is that you spend money. How else would they be able to loan? Something they’d like to see more of is that you pay back what you owe. If you’re able to pay back your credit easily, then your credit score will only go up. That means it will be easier for you to buy that 2018 Toyota Camry that you have been craving for since its announcement last year! However, the longer you wait to pay back what you owe, the more fees you will encounter. You’ll also have to pay more interest on the money you borrowed!

4. Constantly Check Up on Your Credit Score

Okay so you’ve read all these rules, and now you think you’re ready to buy that long-desired 2018 Toyota Camry. Don’t be quick to react, though. Before heading out to the dealer, you should check your credit score. The higher the number, the higher chance you have of getting that car. Apps such as Credit Karma offer you a free check of your credit score.

So always remember, if the credit score number’s big, so is your chance of a huge purchase. If not, enjoy riding in that old Honda you got from your aunt for the rest of your driving days.