Senior Class Student Council Candidates

January 6, 2020

The following is a list of 12th grade students applying for senior class positions of student council for the 2020-2021 school year. Read through their list of qualifications and extracurricular activities to make an informed decision about who you will be voting for in the upcoming election.

Aaron Abdo

Running for Ross Senior Class Executive Board Member

This year, I believe that we all need to be united during these troubled times. I’m a team player and want to help out and work with other students to make this year the best year possible, especially for my senior class who is supposed to be experiencing one of their best moments of their lives. Being part of student government will give me the opportunity to work with others, be a leader, help out and give back, and listen.


Kristelly Castro

Running for Ross Senior Class Executive Board Member

I would like to run for a Senior Class Executive Board position to work with the students and the team on the student council to improve our school. I want to make this year enjoyable despite the circumstances we are in. I have so many fun ideas for fundraising and want to help the community prosper. This is not only a leadership position, it’s a position to listen to the student body and aid them in whatever they need. I’m a very caring, responsible, and dedicated person and I’d love to help out. I’d give my all to this student government to help us progress. I’ll be someone that makes the change for everyone.


Rashell Miranda

Running for Ross Senior Class Executive Board Member

I want to help out with the class.


Adriana Flores

Running for Ross Senior Class President

I would like to be an officer of student government as we are in an unprecedented time in our lives and I would like to make others high school experience unforgettable. I have been involved in student government since freshman year, planning and setting up events for the school makes me feel like my work was all worth it when I see the smiles on people’s faces. As I am running for Senior Class President, I would like to make the Senior Class proud as even though we don’t have a regular school year we can still make the best of it. Being Junior Class President allowed me to plan fundraisers among my peers and understanding how much money we needed for funding.


Iris Argomedo

Running for Sonderling Senior Class Executive Board Member

I would like to be an officer of student government because I have always been passionate about student government and it’s power to change/ impact the school. I have been a part of student council as a member in previous years but I would like to be in a position to share the ideas of the school, especially in a time like now, when everything seems lost.

Aaliyah Barden

Running for Sonderling Senior Class Executive Board Member

I have aspired to be in student government for the longest time. Especially during these troubling times. I would like to help come up with new, fun, and safe ideas to help put smiles on others’ faces. Although it is different this year being under these conditions, we do have technology to help cope with any negative feelings. The qualifications that I have to offer is that I’m always interreacting with people. I also co-helped to create some of the spirit week-days in the very beginning of the year. From being in Green Machine with over 100 people to owning my own small business, Lil’Joya, and learning about marketing, overall, I am confident that I can help make things become a bit brighter over these dark times. I can help be a positive voice in our senior class.


Julia Spadaro

Running for Sonderling Senior Class Executive Board Member

I would like to be a Senior Class Executive Board member because I feel that I can speak well on behalf of my class and represent the seniors as a whole. I am well qualified because I have been a class officer in the past and hold various other leadership positions that make me cooperative and dedicated to ensuring everyone’s opinions are heard.


Jenna German

Running for Sonderling Senior Class President

I would like to be able to help guide our senior class through this very unconventional year in the most proactive way possible. As I was former Junior Class President, I am already comfortable in the leadership and responsibilities of the position and have formed connections with both staff and students within the senior class. While this year may be full of complications and unforeseen events, the goals of the senior class still remains and I plan to work my hardest to make sure the common goal of a successful senior year is fulfilled.


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  1. Kristelly Castro on January 12th, 2021 11:52 pm

    I think Kristelly castro has a great voice, I love her attention and attitude she has toward the school and students. She is very hard-working and responsible. I think she’d make the best possible candidate for Ross Senior Executive Board Member

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