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Andrew Celestino is your average Joe who does nothing all day but play yugioh with friends, become the master of video games, sleep, eat, and have deep thoughts on whether there are any chromosomes left in there or not. He isn’t the smartest kid, especially with math or science, but he still makes an effort so he can grow up to be a cameraman for live TV. He loves his friends and family and still believes in pride and honor. The only trophies worth mentioning are a gym award for most active in 10th grade, donating more than 12 pints of blood, a participation ribbon for a science project in the 4th grade, and drinking four liters of Dr.Pepper in one day. He loves skateboarding, practicing guitar, crying when watching Saving Private Ryan, drinking Dr.Pepper, and taking long walks on the beach.

Andrew Celestino, Staff Writer

Dec 04, 2017
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