Thank You, Teachers!

Students submitted notes of appreciation for staff from all departments at the end of the 2020-2021 school year.

June 7, 2021

The Pow Wow Editorial Board sent a survey to the students in April requesting that they submit notes of appreciation for members of the teaching staff, particularly teachers whom students felt went “above and beyond.” The Editorial Board received over 100 responses from sophomores, juniors, and seniors, demonstrating the magnitude of the positive impact felt by students this school year. The notes are listed below in alphabetical order by department. We hope the teaching staff enjoys reading them and feels uplifted by the words of these very grateful students.


Multiple Teachers

To every teacher there is!!! 

You teachers are so strong and amazing and we appreciate every single little thing you do! Even if we don’t show it as students, I know it can be pretty hard on your side, but you are strong and I am proud of all teachers <3 

Ahsly Vasquez , 11th grade 


To Mrs. Franco – History and Mr. Mauriello – Math, 

Love these 2 teachers, you can tell they genuinely care for their students. 

Andy Alfaro, 11th grade 


To Ms. Bryan – English, Mrs. Williams – English, Dr. Dulin – Administration, and Mrs. Franco – History,   

Thank you to Ms. Bryan, Mrs. Williams, Dr. Dulin and Mrs. Franco for constantly setting the standard for black women in education and doing it so gracefully. I can speak for my fellow classmates when we say that you’ve been our outlet for frustration about constant struggles we face and have shared your experiences to reassure us that we are not alone. Thank you for always looking out when no one else was paying attention. 

Tamara Pierre, 12th grade 


To all my teachers: Ms. Ziskin – Spanish, Mr. Bley – Music, Ms. Folz – Physical Education, Mrs. Ortlieb – Science, Ms. Silva – Math, Ms. Williams – English, Ms. Burbige – History, 

I am really grateful to have wonderful teachers I had this school year. They all helped me to come through with some difficult problems when I didn’t understand. They are really fun to be with and they will do anything possible to help you get through your school year. I appreciate everything that I have this year and I’m excited that I got to meet wonderful teachers!! 

Keilyn Alvarado, 10th grade 


To all of you, but especially to Ms. Perez and Ms. Salinas – Bilingual Department, 

I thank you for your passion. Although we went through difficult times (covid), you maintained your joy and love for teaching us. Although we had technological problems, you were a help for all the students since you always wanted the well-being of all of us. Thank you. 

Nicolas Silva, 11th grade 

Bilingual & ENL

To Sra. Andrade,  

Sra.Andrade para hacido una excelente maestra desde que llegue asu aula de clases, me ha tratado bien me a enseńado mucho y además cuando no le entiendo las tares le mando un mensaje y rápidamente me responde así que para mi es una muestra buena y la quiero mucho gracias. 

Edwin J Calderón, 9th grade  


To Ms. Anajovich, 

Maestra siempre admiraré su labor de cada día, pues se llenaba de paciencia y amor para explicarlos y las lecciones que con dedicación me enseñaba. Siempre le estaré agradecida se le aprecia mucho! 

Roxana Alfarl, 12th grade 


To Ms. Contreras,  

Thank you, Luly, for being my school wife, teaching me more regarding technology, making yourself always available to help…Thank you for your support and infinite patience. I am blessed to have you as a roommate, coworker and friend. Be well always. Love, Bori 

Yvonne Pérez Hernández, Teacher  


To Mrs. Lynch, 

I’m so thankful to Mrs. Lynch because she’s always helping me with everything I need since I was in 9th grade. She’s the best teacher I know, she’s so sweet and like a mother for me. Thanks Mrs. Lynch, I love you. She’s always asking if I’m doing okay, if everything fine with me and my family, always asking if I’m doing good in school and trying to help in anything I need. 

Anahi Martinez, 12th grade 


To Mr. Martínez,  

Thank you, Mr. Martinez. You motive me every day and inspire me to learn more. Also, thank you so much because now I know how important the literature and poetry is for me! You are a good man. Thank you.   

Bayron Cruz Cedillo, 12th grade

To Ms. Morales, Algébra 

Gracias por a verme ayudado siempre mis respetos para usted es una gran maestra y gracias. 

Angelica Reyes, 11th grade 


To Ms. Restmeyer,  

Gracias por estar al pendiente de mi estudio desde el 10 y alludarme. 

Daniel Rivera, 12th grade 


To Sr. Vargas,  

Gracias por ser un profesor que le guste enseñar y también por tratarnos como si fuéramos familia a todos sus estudiante. 

Angel Almonte, 11th grade 


To Ms. Buechner, 

You always had faith in me even when I didn’t. Thank you for helping me through this year of school. I couldn’t have done it without you. 

Priscilla DeJesus, 11th grade 


To Mrs. Buonaspina,  

Dear Ms. B, thank you for making this year way easier! You made every assignment very simple to access and do. I thought going into this year I would be doing horrible, but you are one of the teachers that made my year super easy and I am truly grateful for that! This year was hard for all of us. If you are reading this at the end of the year, I hope you have a great summer and have lots of time to relax because sometimes you seem stressed lol. 

Jose Medrano, 11th grade

To Mrs. Buonaspina, 

Honestly, I don’t know where I would be without your class last year. I’m so glad I had you as a teacher. You provided the best safe space for us! I don’t think I would have discovered a love for social justice and international relations (AND NEWSIES!) without that one newspaper assignment and honestly? I felt pretty radicalized taking your class overall. LOL! I enjoyed every moment of my 11th grade year thanks to you and our field trips and the pep rally…I don’t know if I would have had an 11th grade experience without everything we did, ugh I feel so emotional even writing this! Also, if you see any spelling errors in this, no you didn’t <3  

Neomi Washington, 12th grade


To Mr. Chamberlin,  

I always had a big smile on my face whenever I’m in his class. Always made me laugh and realize life is great! Best teacher ever. 

Gabriela Alvarado, 12th grade

To Mrs. Crowe,  

Mrs. Crowe, I want to thank you for teaching me English and helping get to regular English class. I also want to thank you for helping me get through my hard times and helping tell my issues. I will miss you, this school year went fast. 

Ashley Atherley, 10th grade  


To Mrs. Crowe,  

One of the best teachers I met, always makes sure her students understand the work and helps out whenever needed. She’s just super nice. 

Krissia Alvarez, 10th grade 


To Ms. Dan,  

Thank you for being such an amazing teacher, Ms. Dan. You didn’t only help me develop my skills in school but you also help me feel smarter which made me feel better as a person. 

Dervon Bennett, 11th grade 


To Ms. Dan, 

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done. This year has been tough for everyone and I struggle through online learning but whenever I go in person, I always have a great time in your class because it’s a lot of fun. Even though there aren’t many kids in class we still manage to have fun and a good time. You have also been so accepting with work, so thank you so much. 

Kenneth Castillo, 11th grade 


To Ms. Dan,  

She is very kind and helpful to everyone. She is such a hard worker and I am so thankful to have her as my teacher! 

Ivana Izmir Gibson, 11th grade

To Mrs. Eady, 

Mrs. Eady to me is the best teacher because she just helps me very well. She keeps me going when I’m sad or having anxiety she helps me with all my work. I appreciate all the things she’s done for me. She told me all the time to never give up and that’s what I love about Mrs. Eady. 

Shayla Colon, 10th grade 


To Mrs. Ferzola,  

Mrs. Ferzola without a thought has been an amazing teacher. Throughout all of the struggles with online learning teachers are facing this school year, she has always been here for her students, helping us every step of the way and giving us every chance we have to do our absolute best in her class. I thank her for being such an amazing and helpful teacher and I believe she should be appreciated. 

Jason Campos, 11th grade 


To Mr. Jackson, 

Hi, I was a really big fan of your puns and thought they were punny…Thanks for being a great teacher and sorry for the awkward moments when no one answered. It’s not that I didn’t want to answer, it’s just that I was typing in the chat and by the time I was finished, you moved on and it wouldn’t have made sense if I sent it but I answered in my heart. 

Natalie Benitez, 10th grade 


To Mrs. Kennedy,  

Thank you, Mrs. Kennedy, for being the best teacher in the world. You have taught me so much, thank you for understanding and listening to me. 

Tatiana Donayre, 12th grade 


To Mrs. Kennedy, 

Apart from teaching the necessities of English, Mrs. Kennedy has given students the opportunity to try and incorporate individualism within each student. This includes being open to discuss topics, creating our own pieces of writing, and expanding our horizon on topics based off interpretations. Most of all, she is encouraging, supportive, and has an easy-going personality that enables students to easily connect with her. 

Fatima Lazo, 12th grade 


To Mrs. Kennedy, 

Mrs. Kennedy has done everything in her power to make this year unforgettable. Thanks for everything! 

Kaylee Rivas, 12th grade

To Mrs. Kohl, 

You’ve been such a great teacher this year!! You were so understanding under all the circumstances we’ve been through, thank you for absolutely everything!! And also thank you for making the class super fun and always asking us how we are doing. 

Yesica Rivera, 11th grade

To Mrs. Kohl, 

Thank you for being one of the best teachers I’ve had this year. You have treated me like the regular students and let me use my extra time when needed. She’s definitely one of the more favorite teachers I’ve had this year. 

Dylan Heuskin, 11th grade 


To Mrs. Kohl,  

This year, this teacher has gone up and beyond to make this crazy year more comfortable 🤎 

Rayna Williams, 11th grade 


To Mrs. Kohl,  

Hi miss, I wanted to thank you for all your help since I came here, I think that without your help I would’ve failed. Thank you so much. 

Syra Gamarra, 11th grade

To Mrs. Masotto,  

Ms. Masotto, you have been a great teacher this year. You gave us many advice’s on how to deal with anxiety and depression during this covid year. You even had wifi in your classroom so we could use it. You went above and beyond. I’m thankful for all the good things that you have done. Love you 😊 

Luis Gutierrez, 12th grade 


To Mrs. Masotto,  

Thank you for everything you have done. I’m very grateful for you. 

Elissa Cabrera, 10th grade 


To Mrs. Masotto, 

Thank you for being a very nice teacher and a funny teacher, too. I am so grateful that you are my English teacher. You have helped me with so much. 

Jessica Cruz, 12th grade 


To Ms. Orechovsky,  

Your music and teachings will forever be cherished by all of us! 

Franklin Blanco, 11th grade 


To Ms. Orechovsky, 

I believe this teacher has done the most to help me succeed in her class. 

Bryan Tapia, 11th grade 


To Ms. Romano,  

Thank you for always going above and beyond towards helping your students! 😊 

Bukola Olagunju, 10th grade

To Mrs. Stein,  

100% one of the best teachers ever. She has a kind soul and makes school a little bit better. 💗 

Emily Vazquez, 11th grade


To Ms. Stratmann,  

She’s made me a better version of myself, a change that I actually like. She’s understanding about my struggles and the problems I have faced. I have overcome those struggles because of her and that’s why I thank her. 

Diego Perez, 10th grade 


To Mrs. Terrana,  

You are one of the greatest teachers I’ve had. The way you explain everything and the way you make sure we have the opportunity to get things done so we can succeed is top tier, and I appreciate you!  

Sharah Blanco, 12th grade 


To Mrs. Terrana,  

Thank you, Mrs. Terrana, for taking your time to teach me when I have questions and being patient with me. I have learned a lot in your class and I can tell I improved. Thank you for giving us extra time to make up our work. You are a nice and patient teacher, I think the most patient teacher I’ve ever had. 

Jasmine Rivera, 10th grade 

Family & Consumer Science

To Ms. Bachmann

Thank you for always being so kind and thoughtful. You always made learning fun. Even if I was always quiet, I still loved your class and being in it. 

Angie Rivas, 10th grade 


To Mrs. Mcdermott,  

Thank you so much. You believe in me so much and I want to make you proud. I will graduate in June and I will make you proud 🤍 

Katie Sanchez, 12th grade 

Foreign Language

To Ms. Cohen,  

Ms. Cohen has done so much for me, especially mentally she has pushed me to do my best even when I didn’t want to and I really appreciate her for that. She has done many things another teacher wouldn’t and she’s very understanding and caring. She really changed my mindset and helped me do better so I can graduate. Big thanks to her! xoxo 

Gabriela Arriaza, 11th grade

To Ms. Cohen,  

 I know I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, I am so appreciative for all the hard work you do, and I know I speak for the whole class as well. I know it’s been super hard with COVID but you’ve done such an amazing job, the amount of patience you have is incredible. I admire how hard you work and I hope some day I’ll be as hardworking as you. 

Emely Bernal, 10th grade 


To Ms. Cohen,  

Heyyyy miss, you already know that I had to write you a little something because you’ve helped me blossom into the person that I am today and thank you so much for helping me out of that dark time I went through last year. I deeply appreciate you so much and I miss you!! 

Star Grant, 11th grade

To Madame Edward,  

Madame you have been a great teacher for the past years, and I can proudly say I was your student. You always gave your best in the classroom and we’ve all appreciated that. 

Monica Medrano, 12th grade

To Mrs. Korovezos, 

Thank you so much, Mrs. Korovezos for being an amazing teacher and a fantastic advisor to work along side! Even in the middle of a pandemic, you were able to have our Italian 4 class feel like a community as you cared for all of us. Thank you for the amazing years of Italian! 

Iris Argomedo, 12th grade 


To Mrs. Labrador 

Thank you for being patient and understanding 🙂  

Yolanda Contreras, 11th grade 


To Mrs. Labrador, 

Mrs. Labrador has been an incredibly amazing teacher since the beginning of the school year. She has been very understanding towards students during this time and supportive through all of their needs. The curriculum is very interesting as she wonderfully prepares us for the AP exam. Mrs. Labrador is a very kind, genuine, and humorous person and I am grateful to have her as a teacher. 

Kelie Rodriguez, 12th grade 


To Mrs. Restrepo,  

Thank you for the laughs and for being so understanding this year with us. You’re the best. 

Ruth Diaz, 11th grade 


To Madame Tutuska,  

Dear Madame Tutuska, thank you for always checking in your students and being very understanding with us during the times. I really appreciate the things you make us learn about in the French culture, it’s very interesting and helps us keep away the negative thoughts of the pandemic. You have always been very caring with your students in multiple ways and you are greatly appreciated! 

Valentina Tomaylla, 11th grade 

Health & Physical Education

To Mrs. Yablon,  

I would like to thank Mrs. Yablon for her encouraging attitude and trying to engage the students everyday. I admire her devotion to make the class fun. Her enthusiasm motivates me to be better and she always offers a helping hand to anyone who’s in need. 

Stephanie Cruz, 12th Grade

To Mrs. Yablon, 

I would like to thank Mrs. Yablon for always being there for me since the first day I met her. She is one of the most kindhearted people I’ve ever met. She makes sure you’re okay and heard. She is the person to go to when you have any issues because she will go out of her way to help you as much as she can. 

Heidy Fuentes, 12th grade 


To Ms. Stassi,  

A very good teacher and she never missed a day and the energy she had every day always pushed me to do better and try my hardest.  

Frankie Kessner, 11th grade 


To Ms. Burbige,  

Ms. Burbige, you were by far one of the best teachers I’ve had. Whenever it got tough in class because some students wouldn’t participate, you never gave up and you kept your head up high. Your methods of teacher helped me pass economics and it made economics enjoyable. I was able to pass your class with high 90s both semesters because you’re an amazing teacher. 

Keyri Rodriguez, 12th grade  


To Mrs. Castillo,  

Mrs. Castillo has helped me so much this year. She would check on us weekly to make sure our mental health was well and you can tell she genuinely cares. She always answered any question we had. 

Shania Moonilal, 10th grade  


To Mr. Celery,  

Thanks for everything u have done us, and for helping us get prepared for the real world after high school graduation. 

Marc Garcia, 10th grade 


To Mr. Cleary,  

One of the most humble, down to earth, understandable teachers I have ever encountered. Didn’t only make class feel like home but made sure everyone felt comfortable and safe in his class. 

Kenneth Turcios, 11th grade 


To Ms. Franco,  

Thank you for being so understanding throughout the whole year and making sure that we understand everything! 

Anastassia Gallego, 11th grade 


To Mrs. Franco,  

You are just the best teacher I have ever had, Mrs. Franco, and I’m pretty sure that all your students know how amazing you are as a teacher. You explain things really well and treat us like we are your own children. I really appreciate that and I want to say thank you for being such an amazing person and teacher!! 😄 

David Pierre-Louis, 11th grade 


To Mr. Hoffman,  

Thank you for understanding me and helping and being the best teacher I could ever ask for. You always make the class better and always are making us laugh and smile. Even if we had our bad days, you always make it better. Thank you for that. 

Carolyn Cintron, 12th grade

To Mrs. Johnson,  

Hello, Mrs. Johnson! In all honesty, you were such a sweet teacher who had patience for everyone even during these troubling times. It meant a lot, especially to me with everything that I went through. You are one of my favorite teachers from this year. Thank you for everything! 

Angela Guzman, 12th grade 


To Ms. Ramo,  

Dear Miss Ramo, thank you for all that you have done this year for the class and especially for me. Knowing all the time and effort spent to make sure we got the education that we would normally receive if we were in person, I thank you for that! You took a lot of time from your free time to help me and help other students solve our internet or connection problems. Therefore, you are greatly appreciated. You make us feel like we are in the classroom even though we are clearly not, and I think that helps students realize that learning online is still possible, it will be difficult but not impossible. Keep doing what you do because it has greatly impacted me in a time like this and I’m sure the same for other students. Thank you so much! 

Herneslie Tunstall, 11th grade



To Ms. Abbatiello,  

I am so grateful for you. Thank you so much for always believing in me and pushing me to be the best I could be. I will never forget you or the lessons you have taught me. I will carry the knowledge across time but know that because of you and your encouragement, I can shine my light in the world and I will tell everyone that you lighted the lamp so I could lead the way. 

Nicarauma Rowe, 12th grade  


To Ms. Battifarano,  

You made math understandable and fun to learn. I used to dread math and was bad at it as well, ever since I began your class you always treated your students with kindness and understanding. You have done so much for us all and despite me not talking a lot on meetings, I always feel happy and excited to learn in your class. I’m proud to be called your student. 

Yesenia Bazan, 12th grade  


To Ms. Battifarano,  

You’re a good teacher. Keep it up. 

Jonathan Zavala, 10th grade


To Mrs. Borghese,  

You have been the sweetest, most kind-hearted person. Thank you for always being kind. 

Keyli Flores, 11th grade  


To Mrs. Desantis,  

Thank you for being supportive and encouraging everybody to do their best. That’s what makes you an amazing teacher. 

Lorenzo Gomez, 11th grade  


To Ms. DeSantis,  

I am grateful for my algebra teacher. Because she is the only source of where I learn. She gives us some time to solve equations. 

Odanis Garcia, 10th grade 


To Ms. Forte,  

Dear Ms. Forte, thank you for teaching me and helping me understand more than before even when you weren’t in school, I deeply appreciate it! 

Alisha Shah, 10th grade 


To Mrs. Gray,  

Mrs. Gray is one of the best math teachers I ever had. Mrs. Gray taught me in 10th and 11th grade and I can honestly say that she plays a huge part in my passion for math. She has unique ways to teach her students and I still use her helpful tips today. Thank you, Mrs. Gray, for everything! 

Justine Benjameen, 12th grade 


To Mrs. Kelly, 

Mrs. Kelly has been the best teacher ever. She understands us as teenagers and helps us better understand our work. She’s always there when you need her, whether it be a math problem or just advice in general. Mrs. Kelly goes above and beyond as an instructor as well as when she gives us well needed guidance. She helps us learn and gives us the best possible advice about college and helps with anything college-related and she better understands us and treats us like her own children. Mrs. Kelly has forever left a mark on my soul as the best educator I have had and the kindest soul possible ❤️ I love Mrs. Kelly and no one deserves the recognition more than her!!! 

Leslie Rodriguez, 12th grade 


To Mrs. Kelly,  

She brings in drinks and snacks for students and is very understanding of difficulties and tries to help you as much as possible with whatever problem you’re having. 

Brian Navas, 11th grade 


To Mrs. Kelly,  

Thank you for your dedication to helping your students strive for success and making sure that they they feel understood in regards to their concerns that you always ease. 

Patricia Gomez, 11th grade 


Mrs. Kelly,  

Thank you to the teachers who cared about us as real people. 

Sofia Alvarez, 12th grade 


To Mr. Mauriello,  

Thank you for being the best teacher this year has been tough but, thanks to you, I found my love for math again and had higher grades because you pushed me to be the great student. 

Jacqueline Parra, 10th grade


To Ms. Melendez,  

Even when I wasn’t motivated, you always had good energy and portrayed it on your remote students. 

Tiana Grandison, 11th grade 


To Ms. Shawner,  

I never understood math like I did this year. You made math my favorite subject which is something I never thoughtI would ever say. Thank you so much for being a good teacher and showing me that I am smart. I just needed a different way of learning. ily❤️ 

Maeli Dubon, 10th grade 


To Mr. Bley,  

Thank you so much for believing in me like no one else can. 

Keiry Quintanilla, 11th grade  


To Mr. Sitler,  

Sitler has checked up on his students and ensured us that we could contact him if we ever needed to talk. I just want to thank Mr. Sitler for tirelessly making sure that the Green Machine students get their season, especially the seniors. He made the 2021 season happen and without him we wouldn’t have had an amazing show. Thank you, Mr. Sitler, for not only this past year but as well as these four years. We all appreciate everything you have done for us. 

Adriana Flores, 12th grade 


To Mr. Tims,  

I cannot thank Mr. Tims enough for his hard work this year. Facing a pandemic, Mr. Tims went beyond making sure we learned everything in school and at home, and also making sure we were okay. Every day, from the start of the period to the end, he has the energy to teach us and while he may sometimes say he feels tired, he always has the passion to teach us. I will always be thankful for everything Mr. Tims has done for us and will never forget his funny jokes. 

Edwin Alvarado, 12th grade 


To Ms. Debernardo,  

Ms. Debernardo helped me a lot. Even when I didn’t want the help, she still helped me. She’s a great teacher. 

Justin Lopez, 11th grade 


To Mrs. Leary-Diaz,  

Thank you for celebrating my accomplishments this past year and making me feel like a superstar. I always felt so happy when you were proud of me. You will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you for being my teacher. 

Vesta Angall, 12th grade 


To Mrs. Mihlstin,  

Thank you for always keeping my hopes up and thank you for always teaching me new things. I am going to miss you when I graduate from Brentwood High School❤️❤️❤️ 

Mirta Saravia, 12th grade 


To Ms. Parvis,  

I just want to say thank you for helping me out in everything!!! I appreciate you to the fullest. Thank you! 

Angela Pacheco, 11th grade 


To SMSgt. Hanna,  

Thank you for constantly going above and beyond for all the cadets. From spending your time off for your cadets to being someone that will never take “no” for an answer for his cadets. Brentwood is lucky to have you and your beautiful family. I hope to someday amount to the love, passion and work ethic you have always put in your work. Always walk with pride knowing the thousands of lives you have touched. Thank you for your service SMSgt Hanna! 

Jennifer Salvador, 12th grade 


To SMSgt. Hanna,  

Thank you for being an amazing teacher. You have worked so hard this past year in shaping all your students and I into amazing people. Thank you! 

Melissa Benitez, 11th grade


To Mr. Denninger, 

You’re a great teacher and explain the lessons well. 

Elian Jurado, 11th grade 


To Mr. Denninger,  

Thank you, Mr. Denninger, for recording every meeting. You’re the best :’) 

Estefany Mejia, 10th grade


To Ms. Ferraioli,  

Thank you for being the funniest teacher I couldn’t of gotten through chemistry this year if I didn’t have you, I hope I have you next year! 

Sophiah Cabrera, 10th grade 


To Mrs. Ferraioli,  

Thank you for working with us during this pandemic, knowing it was a hard time for everyone. I will never forget how much of a kind heart you have and how you care about your students. 👍🏽 

Justin Medina, 11th grade 


To Dr. Grella,  

Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put in to teach us and direct us in the right path! 💜 

Minnahil Tariq, 10th grade 


To Mr. Khanfri,  

I think you’re an amazing teacher, you put a lot of work into your lessons. I remember when you first started and you would record the lesson, put up the presentations on teams, and teach the lesson twice for the green and the gold students. No wonder Brentwood has the best physics scores. You made me really enjoy physics. I may not be the best student but I just want to let you know you’re appreciated and I’m lucky to have you. 

Christopher Viera, 12th grade  


To Mr. Khanfri,  

I want to thank you for being the best teacher I have ever had in my life. Being in your class isn’t like the others. Your dedication towards us learning was tremendous. During this tough time, there were so many days where I didn’t feel like learning, and I missed a few lessons, but every time I returned to class, I felt like I knew everything. You are amazing teacher. Thank you for going far and beyond to makes sure that we not only get a good education but also have the ability to apply it to real life.  

Tariq Khan, 12th grade 


To Mrs. Kenney,  

Mrs. Kenney has been by far the most inspirational person in my life. She motivated me from the very beginning to keep on going and going until you have climbed the highest mountain and reach the very top. And then turn around and look how far you’ve come and then reach high and hard for those stars, high above your head. 

Omar Ellis, 11th grade

To Mrs. Lazo,  

Thank you for teaching in a hard time. 

Kristoffer Flores, 11th grade 


To Mrs. Lazo,  

You actually made chemistry really fun and I actually genuinely enjoyed learning everything in your class. 

Joshua Paraboo, 10th grade 


To Ms. Medwig,  

Thank you for being so interactive with the class and I appreciate you helping us and guiding us through the work. 

Jacob Valle, 10th grade 


To Mrs. Reinhart,  

Hey Ms! This marking period has been quite hectic for both you and for the students. I speak on behalf of all of us…we appreciate everything you do to make us smarter and the amount of time you take to make sure we understand the lessons. We love you, Ms. 😊 

Sophia Osorio, 10th grade 


To Mr. Roderick,  

Dear Mr. Roderick, You have made an epic change not only on my academics but in my life. You are the best teacher anyone could ask for, and made learning very easy for me. Thank you for all that you do. 

Kiara Groce, 12th Grade 


To Mr. Schnakenberg, 

Mr. Schnakenberg is really helpful for many reasons. One, he kind of makes the classes a bit fun and two, he makes a video in every assignment so when school ends and we have no idea what to do the video helps us know how to do it. He makes us learn well. 

David Ramos, 10th grade 


To Mr. Schnakenberg,  

Hi, Mr. Schnakenberg. Just want to let you know that you are an amazing teacher that showed me how to become a great student. To help me improve on my skills. That you have always believe in us and who we really are. I appreciate that you are so caring, someone that wants us to be better people. That tries to make us feel better. Giving us the best learning. You have taught us to be brave. 

Kenia Prudencio, 11th grade 


To Mr. Sikorsky,  

Hey Mr. Sikorsky, you really made my year great and I really appreciate the class and how it was always to the point and interesting thank you 

Isaias Canales, 12th grade 


To Jessica Ullrich,  

Ms. Ullrich, I just want to thank for being the most amazing teacher I ever had. You’re funny, kind, sweet, and amazing. Every time when 6 period starts, my whole mind is filled with excitement just because of this class. You truly make me happy!  

Jensen Arriaza, 10th grade 



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