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Album covers of indie artists, including Cage the Elephant, Beach Bunny, Peach Tree Rascals, Arctic Monkeys, Kali Uchis, and Mac Ayras.

Indie Music Killed the Radio Star

Sophia Seda, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Sports Editor April 8, 2021

Compare the last time you heard, “why don't you like this song? It's always on the radio!” to the last time you heard, “yea, my music taste is pretty out there, you probably haven't heard it before.”...

Among Us Saves Students from Social Isolation

Among Us Saves Students from Social Isolation

Ruby Thomas April 8, 2021

With the help of Twitch streamers and YouTubers, Among Us has become one of the most downloaded games ever. This game has not only attracted teens but has also sparked the interest of huge household names...

Walking Dead: Surviving 10 Seasons

Walking Dead: Surviving 10 Seasons

Lilian Velasquez March 25, 2021

A world that was once bright and peaceful has now turned into a rock of ruins. Scary creatures, known as walkers, roam around the world destroying everything in their path. They may seem dumb...

The Return of Y2K, Baggy Pants & Shoulder Bags

The Return of Y2K, Baggy Pants & Shoulder Bags

Dua Hanif March 24, 2021

Have you jumped on the Y2K aesthetic bandwagon? This year, a lot of 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s (as well as some trends dating even further back) clothing pieces have made their return to the fashion...

Pandemic Art

Pandemic Art

March 23, 2021

Open the gallery to view images of cartoons, hand drawings, and paintings by our talented student artists.  

Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Graffiti Combines Art with Social Justice

Janice Aragon, Staff Writer March 1, 2021

You’ve probably heard of renowned street artist Banksy, but how many of you have heard of Jean-Michel Basquiat? Basquiat gained widespread acclaim for his graffiti art and social justice messages, inspiring...


The Ultimate Guide to Streaming Services

Has the pandemic turned you into a professional couch potato? If so, you’ve probably spent countless hours in front of a television, tablet, or mobile device, binge-watching shows and escaping for a...

Book Review: Little Fires Everywhere

Book Review: Little Fires Everywhere

Nicole Olekanma, Guest Contributor January 5, 2021

"Little Fires Everywhere" will make readers question what it means to belong to a perfect family. The story takes place in a suburban town called Shaker Heights where everything is organized and supposedly...

10 Underrated Korean Artists

10 Underrated Korean Artists

Mariana Arboleda December 22, 2020

For many people, the first thing that comes to mind when talking about K-pop are groups with extensive, difficult choreographies and catchy songs. However, K-pop (or Korean music in general) is not...

A rendering of Bunny, the talking dog, illustrated by Aaron Abdo

When Dogs TikTalk

Aaron Abdo, Staff Writer December 18, 2020

Imagine going to the vet and starting off your sentence with "My dog told me-" ? Bunny, a 16-month-old sheepadoodle from Tacoma, Washington, is part of a research experiment conducted by scientists...

Social media helps us through this difficult time.

Quarantine Culture: A Rating of New Social Media Trends 

Mauricio Diaz June 5, 2020

In the wake of this global pandemic, we witnessed our world shut down. With schools closing, lockdowns being imposed, and social distancing measures being implemented, many of us lost physical connection with...

A Quarantine Marathon: Top 5 Netflix Originals to Binge Right Now

A Quarantine Marathon: Top 5 Netflix Originals to Binge Right Now

Ayani Garris June 3, 2020

Remaining stuck at home 24/7 doesn’t sound like the greatest thing in the world but there are many different, yet helpful ways to cope during this time. Some examples are having your own work out...

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