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Plant-based Nitrogen Fertilizer

Plant-based Nitrogen Fertilizer

Rachel Jean Charles November 3, 2021

Nitrogen is shown to be an essential source for the growth of plants. However, the overuse of nitrogen creates an excess amount within the soil and Earth's atmosphere.  This project will be testing...

M.U.S.C.L.E InvenTeam: Jonathan Tavarez, Javed Chowdhury, Kevin Leal, Raja Deonanan, David Ramirez, Ever Hernandez, Joel Perez.

Brentwood’s MIT InvenTeam

The Brentwood Lemelson MIT InvenTeam has recently submitted their final application for the L-MIT $10,000 grant, a STEM based competition for pursuing young inventors. The InvenTeam consists of seven...

Using Oyster Mushrooms to Reduce Nitrogen Levels

Using Oyster Mushrooms to Reduce Nitrogen Levels

Muneeza Fatima, Research Student October 12, 2021

Did you know oyster mushrooms can fix nitrogen from the environment? Eutrophication, also known as excessive nitrogen in the soil, is an emerging problem in today’s world.  To manipulate and...

The Impact of Ocean Acidification on Ribbed Mussel

The Impact of Ocean Acidification on Ribbed Mussel

Mia Cubias, Research Student October 7, 2021

Ocean acidification and decreased pH levels in our ocean impact the formation of the byssus threads in the Ribbed mussel, also known as Geukensia Demissa. Ocean acidification is caused by atmospheric...

Plastic Pollution

Plastic Pollution

Kimberly Alvarez and Cara Bartlett October 7, 2021

Plastic pollution is a widespread global problem that has a negative impact on the marine environment. Plastic pollution has a significant impact on the local marsh and the Long Island Sound. Salt...

Clothing Sustainability

Clothing Sustainability

Julissa Vasquez, Research Student October 7, 2021

The clothing industry is often criticized for its large resource usage in environmentally unfriendly raw material production. Throughout clothing production, earth is not able to support the...

Image derived from Pixabay.

Beware the Air

Denilson Nolasco, Sports Editor January 20, 2021

While everyone is concerned about exposure to a virus while they are out of doors, they are ignoring another severely harmful invader inside their homes: indoor air pollution.  Indoor air pollution...

Nabihah Ahsan poses at the beach while conducting her summer research.

Science in the Sand

Nabihah Ahsan, News Editor, Layout Editor January 5, 2021

When sudden school closures forced students to abandon their science research projects, a mentor and her students turned the beach into their new lab.  Students in Dr. Rebecca Grella’s research...

A selection of dried oyster mushroom caps .

From School Laboratory to Garage: How COVID Impacted my Senior Project

Ashley Alcantara, Co-Arts & Entertainment Editor December 11, 2020

If you’ve ever watched a movie about a mad scientist like Victor Frankenstein, you might envision a home laboratory to be full of microscopes, tubes, and bubbling flasks. My science laboratory,...

Obtained from Main Protease Mutation. Portrays the unique mutations from MPro sequences utilizing colored labels.

Summer at Brookhaven National Laboratory

Leena Alzafarani and Amber Connell November 25, 2020

This past summer, students Leena Alzafarani and Amber Connell hoped to make the best use of their time off from school by participating in a safe yet rewarding academic experience.  They decided to join...

Checkerspot butterfly at Caumsett State Park.

Caumsett State Park Welcomes a New Species

Victoria Leonard June 12, 2020

The Baltimore Checkerspot butterfly colonies have created a healthy and safe habitat at Caumsett State Park, located on Long Island. This species was recorded as extinct until its reappearance back...

Japanese Knotweed, or Reynoutria japonica, a relatively innocent looking but vicious intruder.

The East Asian Burglar

Amber Connell and Leena Alzafarani June 10, 2020

No fancy security system can protect you from this intruder; it breaks in at any moment! It can go under your walls or through them and is 3 meters tall. This intruder is a PLANT known as Japanese...

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