Using Oyster Mushrooms to Reduce Nitrogen Levels

A project conducted in Dr. Grella’s research course.

Muneeza Fatima, Research Student

Did you know oyster mushrooms can fix nitrogen from the environment? Eutrophication, also known as excessive nitrogen in the soil, is an emerging problem in today’s world. 

To manipulate and control the nitrogen, I am using oyster mushrooms and trying to come up with a unique way to fix the nitrogen problemI will grow these mushrooms under the different concentration of sodium nitrate, which is very strong and reactive. These mushrooms will be grown in a room with a temperature of 21 degrees Celsius and once the mushrooms have grown, I will weigh them and compare their means to each other.

Since I will have multiple replicants, I will be doing the ANOVA test which is used to see the significant difference between more than two groups. By this test, I will get a bar graph which will show my results and put error bars on them. If the error bars would be very short, this means that my data is valid. I will also check the sodium nitrate level at the commence and end of my experiment and see if there is a difference in nitrogen level or not.  

Muneeza Fatima