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The Rise of Airpods

Maham Siddiqi, Staff Writer March 13, 2024

As wireless wonders, AirPods have changed the audio game. No more tangled cords to worry about! Now, you can just pop them into your ears and enter a world of endless entertainment and distraction. Most...

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Apple Vision Pro: An Opening To The Future

Marilyn Martinez, Staff Writer March 13, 2024

Imagine seeing a whole new world from the comfort of your living room, experiencing a movie or game through astonishing glasses that could change the future of technology – and how we use it. Virtuality...


Crocs Bring Comfort to Fashion

Alvin Amador, Staff Writer March 13, 2024

Teenagers have been talking about wearing more comfortable shoes. “Crocs, with no socks” have been taking teens by storm due to their rubbery texture.  “Crocs are pretty cozy. They are very easy...

Are Stanley Cups Worth the Cost?

Are Stanley Cups Worth the Cost?

Jissell Fernandez, Staff Writer March 8, 2024

You might have noticed that many women and children have been drinking a lot more water lately. We think we know the reason why.  The Stanley Cup craze first began when a TikToker named Danielle’s...

Dos and Donts on a Date

Dos and Don’ts on a Date

Michel Martinez February 7, 2024

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and love is in the air. Flowers are bought, teddy bears are given, and restaurants are filled to capacity. Couples go on dates and spend quality time together.   But...

10 Valentines Day Activities for Couples

10 Valentine’s Day Activities for Couples

Alvin Amador, Staff Writer January 29, 2024

10. Exchange Gifts Give a gift to your significant other and show them how much you care for them. 9. Go to Dinner Take your significant other out on a nice dinner date and try a new meal together. 8....

Pow Wow Person of the Year Nominations

Pow Wow Person of the Year Nominations

January 16, 2024

Every year, TIME magazine features a person, group or object that “for better or for worse...has done the most to influence events of the year.” Time recently named Taylor Swift the 2023 Time Person...

How Christmas Is Celebrated Around The World

How Christmas Is Celebrated Around The World

Michel Martinez, Staff Writer December 18, 2023

With different time zones, languages, and weather conditions, Christmas traditions around the world are all so unique. In some countries, Christmas traditions can last days, or even months, before and...

Safe Halloween Photos

Safe Halloween Photos

Andres Taborda, Photographer November 27, 2023

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