Artwork, done by Gabriela Morataya Meza


February 6, 2023

I’m blue.
All over,
I’m blue.
From a single strand of hair to the ends of my fingertips.
Frost bite paralyzes the feet that carry me.
I’m all blue.
A single teardrop down my cheek,
all blue.
The wave that follows my every step,
The quiet sob that embraces me in her sorrow
“Did you miss me?” she says,
her tone colorful in its range of blueness
Yet she could never reach the redness of her core
Scarlet are my looks, but indigo is her heart
So painfully icy it melts the spark within me
I’m blue.
The irises of my eyes have turned the sky’s color,
the sky that greets my every morning
that warms me up in its blue oxygen
Oh, it’s the blue hour again…
The blue hour that lasts forever in my mind.

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