Brentwood’s 2018 Spirit Week Makes Memories for Students

Students dressed up in all kinds of costumes and outfits to celebrate Brentwood's annual Spirit Week.

Kenia Fuentes, Staff Writer

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On October 8 through October 12, Brentwood High School celebrated its Spirit Week and Pep Rally. A lot of students participated, including athletes, the members of the Green Machine, and seniors. Students had very creative ways of celebrating each day of the week, such as dressing up in flapper outfits, twinning, and even wearing teletubbies costumes.

It started off on Tuesday, October 8, with Character Day. Most students participated by dressing up as cartoon characters to remember their favorite childhood T.V. shows, while others dressed up as their favorite actors.

On Wednesday, October 9, it was Twin Day. Everyone got a chance to twin with someone, even the staff. One student decided to twin with her teacher as Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat.

Thursday, October 10, was Decades Day. Students got the chance to throw it back and dress up like people did in their favorite decade. Students dressed up as hippies from the 60’s or as grunge rockers from the 90’s.

October 12, Friday, was the last day of spirit week. It was Green and White Day, and the day of the pep rally. Students represented their Brentwood pride by wearing the school’s colors. Students also helped out by decorating the hallways with green and white streamers and other decorations. Athletic teams and our very own Green Machine band were able to attend the pep rally and perform in front of their peers.

Overall, Spirit Week had some wonderful participation, which made it the enjoyable experience that it was. Mrs. Macnamara, an accounting teacher, said “ Everyone had the opportunity to have fun and more people than I thought were engaged in the activities.” Mr.Gesseck, the assistant principal at Brentwood Ross High School, stated, “ I liked that more people than I expected participated.”