Gourmet Lunches Served at School

Kenia Fuentes, Staff Writer

Ahhh the joys of eating school made lunch, everyone’s favorite time of day. All the students are ready and lining up to get their meal.

This Thursday, the cafeteria ladies will be serving tacos: a plastic bag full of extremely salty nachos, a small amount of mystery meat, badly cut lettuce and cheese from who knows where. Students will even get a small complimentary container of sour cream, which sounds delicious. 

“I’d rather eat this than the leftovers my mom wants me to eat,” said Randy, an 11th grader who patiently waits for his food on a long line every day.

(I would rather eat school lunch than your moms’ leftovers, too, Randy.)

“My favorite lunch meal is when they give a small piece of chicken, stale mac and cheese and a biscuit that’s harder than a rock,” said Nancy, a 10th grader.

 “The least disappointing lunch meal is when they serve a thin slab of pale turkey drowned in gravy and burnt smashed potatoes. I especially enjoy the sugar cookie with sprinkles as a dessert, which removes the vomit aftertaste,” said Amy another  10th grader who has a privilege of enjoying these lunches.

I also asked the lunch ladies, who have the hardest task of them all, what they think about the food. “You’d be horrified if you knew where the food came from, but thank goodness you don’t,” said Deborah, who’s been “happily” serving food at Brentwood High School for 39 years.

Deborah also let me in onto a fun secret: “Sometimes. I’ll actually save the worst food for the kids who are rude.” (I hope I’m not one of them.)  

These lunches sure are one of a kind. Stay tuned to see what the students have to say about next Monday’s lunch, cheeseburgers! Pink meat in between two whole wheat buns and as a cute surprise they may even forget the cheese.