Coach Kaplan Shares Ways to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle in a Pandemic

Denilson Nolasco, Sports Editor

Staying home due to isolation, quarantine, or virtual learning is undoubtedly having a negative impact on our bodies.  

Completing school work from home can lead to the temptations of snacking throughout the day or stress eating. The lack of movement and exercise from sitting in front of a computer screen instead of walking around the school building could also be a contributing factor in weight gain.

According to a study commissioned by the biotechnology company Genesis, it is estimated that 71 millions of Americans gained weight during the pandemic. To combat the issue of weight gain during a pandemic, the newspaper interviewed Mr. Kaplan, a physical education teacher and track coach at Brentwood High School. 


Kaplan shared insights on the ways that students can maintain positive eating habits and an overall healthier lifestyle while in a hybrid learning environment.

Q: What kinds of meals should people eat? 

A: People should eat balanced meals. Too much of anything is not a good thing, so I would limit foods that are high in fats and sugar.

Q: What do you recommend as a simple exercise routine? 

A: I would recommend that people start slow. Go for walk and build up to things over time. If you try to jump into running a few miles for example you can easily get hurt that way and motivation will really be difficult when you are hurt.

Q: What are the worst and best types of drinks you would recommend? 

A: The best drink i would recommend is water!! Anything else is really not necessary. I would avoid drinks with plenty of sugar. Can lead to various health related issues.

Q: How healthy are the school lunches for hybrid students who are attending school? 

A: I know for a fact that they offer a variety of food groups to have a balance meal and diet. Avoid getting snack with high fat and sugar counts.

Q: What healthy habits would you recommend to avoid stress-eating? 

When people are stressed, find an activity to do that is not eating, and to relax yourself. Try going for a walk, listening to music, talk to a friend any positive way to relieve stress.