The Dark Room


She woke up in a dark hallway with little light, unable to recognize her surroundings. The last thing she remembered was falling asleep in her bedroom. As she gets up, she realizes that she’s not her young self anymore. Also, she is still trying to comprehend everything the voices of many who caught her attention, some familiar, and others unknown. 

She remembered learning about lucid dreaming. Can it be? she questions. She gets up instantly, moving every inch of her body when suddenly she sees a figure: a tall dark [what appears to be] a man that was lurking in the shadows. 

It got quiet afterwards, quiet enough that you can hear a pin drop. Fear started crawling up her spine with little to no sudden movement. To her right, she sees light behind [what happens to be] a door. Her instant thought was to enter without thinking about the troubles that can be roaming behind. 

She entered a park and said to herself, Families all together enjoying a beautiful day. What’s the significance of this 

Suddenly, still confused from the sound of kids laughing and screaming, it started getting sinister and dark.  

That’s until all eyes were on her and fingers were pointing behind her. 

As she turned around, shivers ran down her spine when she realizes that… it’s her.  

She turned around again, and everything went back to normal but then it hit her. “I am reliving one of my traumatizing dreams. 

But from someone else’s perspective  

Can it be? How is that possible? 

All the memories started rushing back: the cries and the staying up at night, yet it happened so long ago. 

All of a sudden, the screams of many trying to runaway grew louder and louder. Knowing how this was going to play out, she instantly rushes to find her young selftrying to avoid the grievance that she was going to experience once again. 

She witnessed it again and again, only to find out that it was just the start