The Darkness behind the Shattered Window


             Crash. The window shattered into a million pieces. I jumped out of bed in fear. My heart was racing so fast, that I thought it was about to burst out of my chest. My hands were shaking as I broke out into a cold sweat. I knew right there and then in this moment that I was in danger. I slowly walked barefooted across the squeaky ice-cold floorboards of my bedroom. I carefully approached the broken glass window to inspect what had just happened. I was astonished at what I saw next. The craziest part about what I saw was that I saw absolutely nothing there. I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what could have shattered the window so badly. The only thing I saw on the ground was glass. As I started to pick up the glass from the floor, one of the pieces sliced against my palm, causing my hand to bleed excessively.  

             “Aw man,” I said. “I should have worn gloves for this.” I had a first aid kit in the laundry room, so I headed downstairs to go get it. As I headed down the old wooden and creaky staircase, I saw a dark shadowy figure in the distance. My heart stopped and my palms instantly filled with sweat. I tried to make a run for it, but I was too late. The dark shadowy figure had already heard me. He emerged from out of the shadows. He was dressed in full black armor from head to toe. Although I couldn’t see his face, I could see his eyes. They were glowing red. It made him look pure evil.  

             “Who are you?” I shrieked in a shaky voice. He hesitated for a brief second and chuckled, then he said, “I am the darkness of the night. Your worst nightmare, and no one ever dares to cross me.”  

              By this point, I was hyperventilating. I tried to make a run for it again and I was able to run out the nearest door towards the woods. I ran and never looked back. After running for a while, I stopped and hid behind a tree. I knew I couldn’t run forever and just as I was about to leave, someone tapped my shoulder. It was him: the dark shadowy figure again and I was in absolute horror. ‘’Nooo!’’ I screamed from the bottom of my lungs. To be continued…