Satire: Seniors Should Be Grateful for the Pandemic

Forget the ridiculous end-of-year traditions and enjoy this new normal!

Nicole Olekanma, Staff Writer

The Covid-19 pandemic has completely changed the senior experience. For half the year, seniors were able to either be fully remote or only come to school two to three days a week. The seniors haven’t even caught senioritis yet and probably won’t because of all the masks and social distancing! Can it get any better than that? 

Another positive is the fact that seniors don’t have to experience the stresses of prom. No one will have to spend a fortune on prom dresses, nor have to wear those uncomfortable tuxedos. Prom is a big waste of time and money, considering the tickets, outfit, and limo rental – as if you can’t just have a dance party in your room, playing the music that you actually like. 

Let’s be real: the only reason most seniors go to prom is because of the social pressure put on them by their classmates. Since the prom is cancelled, there’s no need to act like you’re excited. You can use what would’ve been prom day to chill and catch up on your favorite Netflix series. Now that sounds like real enjoyment.

The best part of it all is probably that there will be no awkward prom photos. We can finally go through a year without seeing the same recycled poses all over social media.

Another great result of the pandemic is the lack of college tours. For many colleges there is no longer a need to go on those long boring tours, learning information about a school you probably won’t even choose to go to. Now, you get to just go to college and be surprised. Who doesn’t like a good surprise? 

We all know that graduation is a very exciting, but tedious, day. Brentwood High School has a lot of students, so one graduation usually runs for hours. It’s exhausting, especially for the seniors, to sit in those thick graduation gowns until they’re called up on stage for maybe two seconds to receive a piece of paper and walk back to their seats in front of tons of people, with the hope that they don’t trip and fall.

The pandemic is most likely going to lead to a series of smaller graduation ceremonies which means being in the sun for less time. And if you trip, there won’t be a lot of people there to see it! 

The moral of the story is that seniors have it good this year and the rest of us are tired of your complaints! Enjoy this freedom while it lasts because not all students will get to experience it. 

*This article is a satire and is not meant to be taken literally.*