No Stopping Student Council

Student council is making modifications to a number of events, some new and some old, to continue to cater to student interests.   

Anthony Ramos, Sophomore Class President

Despite the new hybrid schedule and delayed elections, newly elected members of student council are working hard and getting ready to move ahead with plans for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year. 

Student council is still anticipating hosting its annual “Read Aloud” on Friday, April 23 out of appreciation for the famed creator of the Cat in the Hat,” Dr. Seuss. Students who are interested and want to participate can either submit a video of themselves reading a poem or opt to go to the auditorium to have their videos filmed.

Video submissions have a 3-minute time limit. We will review the video sent and either accept it or send it back for edits. All final submissions are due on Monday, April 12 

To also expand our upcoming events, student council also plans on our own Virtual Talent Show called “Brentwood Idol.”  Students are to submit recordings for a time amount and our community school talents would be visible in our YouTube channel list

Voting for “Brentwood Idol” will likely be conducted through Forms. The Talent Show is set to be available for viewing between May 19-May 25. Applications will be available on April 1, and once our application is completed , a link to upload a video will be shared with participants via Teams. 

Video submission are due by May 10. Acts can be solo or group acts. However, group acts must follow social distancing and must be wearing a mask. All submissions must be respectful and audience appropriate.  

Moreover, we plan on having spirt week associated with the talent show to show our school pride. Upcoming themes for spirit week will be decided soon. For further questions or concerns, reach out via email to or