Guradians of the Moon


There were always eerie stories on what lived in the dark side of the moon. Humans speculated another race lived there; aliens would be the right word. Although they aren’t entirely wrong, their speculations of these life forms are misjudged. They believe that aliens are hostile savages, a threat to humanity. However, the beings that live on the dark side of the moon are the opposite. These beings aren’t entirely human, nor mythical creatures. They are simply beings that are devoted to their purpose: protecting the moon. It’s a lonely life, as there is only one guardian per millennium. The only proof of existence are the photographs they take of themselves, as a tribute to their moon.  

By immersing themselves in knowledge, the guardians often live a peaceful life. They defend their moon from all forms of creatures, whether it be those mutated goblins, or the fairylike creatures. Even when the first humans landed on the moon, they shielded them away from the truth. The dark side of the moon had always raised questions from scientists all over the galaxy. No one understood how a simple rock could emit such a powerful aura of magic. Much to their demise, no one could ever find the source of such a power. 

It’s been eons since someone had stumbled across the dark side of the moon, eons since the moon had been left unprotected. This individual soon devoted their life to protect the moon with their last dying breath. No one truly knows the reason why this individual had a change of heart, or if the myths are even true. The only truth known is that of a mysterious aura around the moon. The faint purple glow could cause colonies to swoon at its beauty, although now that beauty is forever hidden from the world.