Walking Dead: Surviving 10 Seasons

Lilian Velasquez

A world that was once bright and peaceful has now turned into a rock of ruins. Scary creatures, known as walkersroam around the world destroying everything in their path. They may seem dumb and slow, but will not hesitate to eat you.  

If one were to bite you, you’d painfully turn into one of them. The people left alive have to learn and adapt to this new environment.  

This gory horror series is still popular after 10 seasons because it kills beloved characters who play a big role in their group of survivors. It keeps the thrill going even if death is inevitable.  


In season 1, main character Rick Grimes wakes up from the hospital to scary creatures walking around the inside and outside of the building. Due to his injury, it is harder for him to stay away from danger. Lucky for him, he was a cop before and knows how to properly use his gun.  

 His wife and son are nowhere to be seen, alarming him even more. He contemplates whether he should stay there or leave. He’s left alone to fight for his life.  

Rick Grimes eventually forms close bonds with a troop of other characters, including Daryl, Michonne, Carol, and Maggie. These characters are each clever and strong in their own ways, allowing them the capacity to escape dangerous situations and survive.  

For now, we’ve only seen the apocalypse in shows and movies, but are deadly diseases that turn people in zombies really all that far from reality? In the midst of a national pandemic, it may hit closer to home than one might think. 

If the apolcalypse were to happenfood and water would become scarce. Shelter would also be at the top of the list of needsThese are also pressing concerns for characters in the Walking Dead, who live in abandoned buildings and rummage for food. They even take up residence, at one point, in a prison. 

The government wouldn’t be able to control this contagious disease. As seen in the series, the CDC buildings have all been abandoned. People either stick to themselves or gather into larger, self-governing communities. As one can imagine, conflicts abound due to leader corruption. 

This show can be found on Netflix and on AMC. Be advised that this show is not for everviewer, there are a lot of gory scenes that can be alarming, so watch at your own risk.