Black in America

Black in America

Light skin, Dark skin 

They don’t care about your plans  

As long as your skin is melanin, 

you’re considered a threat to them 


Someone tell me  what the difference is 

between me and you?  

I don’t get it 

It’s kinda blurry 

You bleed just like me  

So tell me why we get treated differently  

When we’re up against the jury? 

You shouldn’t wonder why we riot 

And protest for Ahmaud Arbery 

Shouldn’t wonder why some people blame  

the police and say  cops are dirty 

It’s simple to see like black and white 

2020 vision  

It shouldn’t be blurry 

It shouldn’t be blurry  


If age is just a number 

Why isn’t color just a color? 

Why do some see a difference  

between one another?  

Why do some hate each other even if they  

come from the same mother?  

People who you think are your friends 

stab you in the back like Michael Myers 

Now you can take this any way you want  

But I’m talking about racial inequality  

And inequality over all 

The same ones you’re riding with are 

The ones who watch you fall 

For real 


No one is born with hate 

It’s something you learn 

Passed down from generation to generation 

Like a family tradition 

It’s absurd 

I know we come from opposite sides of the spectrum 

I just want to meet in the middle like Malcolm 

Do you concur? 

We come from opposite sides of the spectrum 

Why does it feel like there are two separate laws? 

It’s absurd 


Two separate parties but I feel like I’m not invited 

Ironic that our first name of the country is United 

Quick to make sure you’re falsely indicted 

Quick to put you six feet under like Corona  

Because a man felt frightened 

Quick to throw a person of color in the penitentiary  

For something they didn’t do 

Just want to get us off the streets  

For life 

No questions asked  


Maybe it’s a Scooby Doo mystery, 

then history  

I came from a family of activists 

What made you think I wasn’t going to act on this? 

Four hundred years of oppression 

But you expect to throw a giant party and 

Act like everything is lit 

Expect us to forget our past 

Man what did we ever do to deserve this?  

I know a hundred years ago I would’ve been  

hung for saying this 

I come from a family of activists 

What makes you think I wasn’t going to act on this? 

We come from opposite sides of the spectrum 

Many years have passed 

Very little has changed 

Liberty and justice for ALL 

What ever happened to that? 

Why can’t we all just focus on the facts?  


We need to change for the better,  

Not for the worse 

Like Pac said: 

“Pray for better days” 

Hopefully one day we can all come to an agreement 

And finally change our ways