Brentwood Spirit Still Soars

Julia Spadaro, Business Manager, Layout Editor

This year the yearbook club hosted a spirit week following our spring break, from April 5 to April 9 to try to bring up some of the school moral3 and demonstrate the pride of Brentwood.

Although this year looks very different due to the pandemic, the students and teachers still showed up fashionably to display their school spiritDays included some of our typical, most memorable themes from years past as well as some new ones.

The yearbook club concluded that we wanted to give the seniors a week to come together for their last year here at Brentwood and appreciate what spirit we still have,” said Ryan Reyes, a member of the yearbook club.

Monday: Jersey Day 

Soccer, hockey, and baseball were just some of the sports represented by our students when wearing their favorite jerseys. Different colors and teams filled the halls and sparked discussion about sports. Some students even wore their Brentwood jerseys!  

Photo by Amber Connell

Tuesday: Tacky Tourist Day 

Have you ever been on vacation and felt like the people around you could tell you weren’t from around there? Students brought this spirit into the building and dressed up in their tackiest tourist outfits. From Hawaiian tourists to Disney World outfits, our school was filled with tourists.  

Photo by Amber Connell

Wednesday: Way back Wednesday 

Decades of fashion have all accumulated to form some of today’s current fashion, but students brought back some classic throwback looks such as denim on denim, sparkling disco shirts, and hippie looks. 

Photo by Julia Spadaro


Photo by Amber Connell

Thursday: Character Day 

The hallways were filled with several Spiderman costumes and TV Show characters on Thursday!  

Photo by Julia Spadaro

Friday: Green and White Day 

Most excitingly, the class of 2021 went all out for their senior year green and white day. From wearing Brentwood merchandise to tutus and tie dye shirts, the hallways were filled with green. Even underclassmen were decked out, showing their school pride.  

Photo by Amber Connell

I saw a lot of school spirit being portrayed and it gave some sense of normality,” Reyes said.