Our Soul is Human


We are people. 

We are not machines. 

What you say,  

We don’t listen. 


Why are there protests, teargases, war? 

Are we going to be refugees again? 

Why do the farmers sit on the road? 

Why is there a need for the Black Lives Matter movement? 

Why are Palestine and Israel fighting?  


Our government loses their mind.  

They are always denying  

how many deaths there are. 

Again, we are we not to be spared? 


Our lives are in danger. 

Do you think we will meet again?  

Government thinks we are servants 

but they forget we give them opportunities.  

We think our death is near 

we hear them swear 

They always say that they are our voice, 

yet, they don’t listen to our voice.  


We should have faith but 

are we discriminated here? 

Our skin has a voice. 

You cannot say this about us here  

My life is my rule  

Afterwards, our children make us fools. 


I am not winning the race of fame 

and I’m not in the game. 

We are born, and then die. 


We are human, 

our souls belong to us. 

What do you say when  

we don’t listen any more?