Iris Argomedo’s Swan Song

Iris Argomedo, Staff Writer

A journey ends after four years.  

Four years of wondering when it will end. 

But now that it has arrived, all that is left is more wondering. 

Wondering of what comes next for the next four years.


Four years of long days and longer nights. 

Four years of wondering if I said everything right. 

Four years of hoping for a big change. 

Four years of nothing?


These four years have been long, 

But they definitely have not been nothing. 

After everything that has happen, 

Year after year, 

I cannot tell myself this has been nothing.


As hard as some days may have been, 

I still fought through, no matter how much I wanted to stop. 

I tried my hardest with the feeling of every eye on me. 

I continued to write the story despite every change I wanted to make.


As negative as I may have been, 

I thank everyone I’ve ever met. 

Anyone who has ever reached out to me.  

And myself, for continuing to push forward and work hard. 


A story and a song I vow to continue till the very end.