A Look at the 2021 Ross Top 10

Editorial Board


College attending: Stony Brook University   

College attending: Biology  

5 words to describe high school experience: memorable, interesting, challenging, amazing, and stressful.  

Advice: My advice for the underclassmen is to always try your best at everything and enjoy high school while you can. Try to be involved and join clubs so you can step out of your comfort zone and better interact with other people  


#2 Ileen Villarreal, SALUTATORIAN

College attending: Johns Hopkins University  

Studying: Neuroscience, Pre-med track  

5 words to describe high school experience: Exciting, stressful, life changing, inspirational, emotional  

Advice: Do your homework! 



#3 Daniel Cervantes

College attending: Cornell University  

Studying: Finance 

5 words to describe high school experience: unique, complicated, pleasant, transformative, challenging 
Advice: Start thinking about your future now and be open to different ideas. 




#4 Alan Marino

College attending: CUNY Baruch  

Studying: I plan to major in finance with a minor in math or economics.  

5 words to describe high school experience: repetitive, sometimes fun, relaxing, and challenging.  

Advice: My advice would be to take advantage of AP classes to save money in college, learn how to code since technology is impacting many jobs today, and do your research on majors and colleges ASAP.

#5 Joselyn Perla

College attending: SUNY Stony Brook University  

 Studying: Business Management

5 words to describe high school experience: transformative, memorable, exciting, rewarding, challenging 

Advice: I would advise underclassmen to participate in school events as BHS has a wonderful student body as well as to try to connect with their peers and the BHS staff to make their years more enjoyable. I would also advise them to create a study plan that works to keep their grades up and to not be ashamed to ask for help. 

#6 Edgar Campos

College attending: Bentley University  

Studying: Undecided  

5 words to describe high school experience: When is this period over? 

Advice: Don’t forget to enjoy yourself.

#7 Jennifer Salvador

College attending: Binghamton University 

Studying: Biology. BHS has given me the gift of understanding the importance of selfless service. I want to become a traveling nurse to use the power of knowledge that will literally make me cross borders to give the less fortunate treatment, teach to continue the same care and encourage to do the same with neighbors 

5 words to describe high school experience: Diverse, inspiring, family, passion and challenging  

Advice: My advice to underclassmen is to be involved!! Do not be afraid to try new things because everyone in BHS assumes a significant job and we all urge you to accept the endless open doors that are offered to spread the feelings of family. Also, consistently work hard and have pertinacious resistance to any conflicts . Don’t take your opportunities for granted and have fun!!!  

#8 David Cervantes

College attending: Stony Brook University,  

Studying: Mechanical Engineering 

5 words to describe high school experience: A challenging and thrilling ride.

Advice: Be confident in yourself 




#9 Carlos Sorto Reyes

 College attending: Stony Brook University. 

Studying: Chemistry 

5 words to describe high school experience: Fun, chaotic, wholesome, memorable, nostalgic  

Advice: I advise the youth to relearn how to function without online learning for when the pandemic is over. 

#10 Esabell Henrius

College attending: St. Joseph’s  

Studying: Nursing  

5 words to describe high school experience: amazing, funny, inspiring, and sometimes boring.  

Advice: Try not to procrastinate a lot and stay determined to accomplish your goals.