Congratulations to our 2021-2022 Ross and Sonderling Top 10!

Ross Top 10

Jessica Hsu Loretta Park South Middle
Roberto Lopez Oak Park South Middle
Arielenny Perez Twin Pines South Middle
Edwin Chavarria Southeast/Oak Park South Middle
Nicole Olekanma Northeast Elem East Middle
Alberto Melgar Hemlock Park West Middle
Ricardo Lopez Oak Park South Middle
Patricia Gomez Southeast/Northeast East Middle
Adrian Rivera Oak Park South Middle
Ercibel Rubio Loretta Park Not in Brentwood
The Ross Top 10 students pose with Principal Callan.

Sonderling Top 10

Kevin Durand Twin Pines North Middle
Lashanda Blair North Elementary North Middle
Sulaiman Hashemi Southwest Elementary West Middle
Kassandra Ortiz Twin Pines North Middle
Haivy Pham Hemlock Park West Middle
Juliana Sandoval Twin Pines North Middle
Julio Martinez Loretta Park East Middle
Jacqueline Hirsch Hemlock Park West Middle
Tyler Rosario Twin Pines North Middle
Amy Calonge Northeast Elem North Middle