Devious Licks Trend Notoriously Absent in Brentwood Schools

Mariana Arboleda, Features Editor

A new trend has flooded the internet, but this time it isn’t about a new TikTok dance. The most recent TikTok trend “devious licks,” or diabolical licks, is affecting schools across the nation by promoting vandalism on school property.  

 Videos have been seen of middle school, high school and even college students posting videos of themselves stealing and vandalizing items from the schools, many of which include pulling out sinks, soap dispensers from the walls, breaking toilets, smashing mirrors, and even breaking walls or ceilings. Some even go as far as stealing Chrome-books, microscopes and other high-value items.  

Image drawn by Ailyn Vasquez Taveras.

Michell Hernandez, a junior, expressed her frustration over the devious licks trend, pointing out how defacing school property is costly and ruins equipment that students need. 

“Where would money come from to fix damage done by some kids who have nothing better to do?” Hernandez said. 

The trend began back in September, on the first day of school, when a TikTok user posted a video of a backpack full of disposable masks that had been stolen with the hashtag, #absolutelydeviouslick, gaining more than 239,000 views. In the span of days, more videos were posted but this time, of hand sanitizers and soap dispensers that are now gaining millions and millions of views.  

In a letter sent to the community on Sept. 30, Superintendent Loeschner outlined his concerns about the recent trend and its effects on students.

“Across the country, kids are destroying school property and posting the results on TikTok,” he wrote.  

Loeschner communicated a zero-tolerance policy for the trend. He stated in his letter that, “destructive behavior will not be tolerated and will result in immediate disciplinary actions.”  

TikTok has been quick to respond to the challenge and put an end to its virality. Now, if someone tries to look up devious licks in TikTok, a message will pop up alerting “No results found.” However, videos that promote the trend are still circulating on the popular social media app.  

Some videos have been made to mock the trend as well. “About to hit the most devious lick” is a caption now seen in many videos as a form of mocking the trend, showing students pretending to steal minor items such as water from the sink or a pump of hand soap from a bathroom dispenser. 

Although there have been plenty of cases of vandalism due to the devious licks trend in other school districts, it appears the trend has not been so devious in Brentwood. No serious cases have been reported by the district or shared on social media. 

A hankering for a small bit of mischief might have reached some students at the start of this school year. One student, Hailey Arriaza, noticed that hand soap dispensers were missing from the girls’ Sonderling bathroom recently.   

Picture taken in a Sonderling female bathroom, displaying a missing soap dispenser on the wall. (Hailey Ariazza)

Whether or not the missing dispensers can be attributed to the devious licks trend remains inconclusive. According to Assistant Principal Judy Crawford, the students sometimes “think it’s funny to take them.” 

“They are definitely not removed by the custodial staff to be replaced or refilled,” Crawford said. 

Still, Superintendent Loeschner chooses to believe the best in our students. He communicated this belief at the end of his Sept. 30 letter. 

“Brentwood kids are kind, compassionate and have a great respect for one another, which is why I am certain this challenge will not take root in our wonderful community,” he wrote.