Safe Halloween Maintains Great Turnout Despite Covid Changes

Janice Aragon and Mauricio Diaz

Held every year at the high school, Safe Halloween is a community driven effort to provide the children of Brentwood with a safe trick-or-treating experience. Families from around the district gather in festive spirit and collect donations for Pronto. Though it was not the same Safe Halloween we know and love, the event, held on October 28, was a huge success!

Those who have attended in years past know how special and proactive this night is. Typically, every club in the high school is in charge of an activity, such as a dance party or games like bowling. However, due to Covid protocols this year, the National Honor Society was the only club in the high school organizing the event and contact-based activities weren’t permitted.

Although other clubs were not able to run the event, the clubs of BHS still stepped up to the plate to help prepare for it. Clubs such as the Sophomore Class prepared goodie bags with candy and prizes to line the bags of trick-or-treaters. Piles of candy and decorations filled the 1100’s wing as NHS members began preparations for the event. 

Members of the Sophomore Class helped to prepare goodie bags to pass out to attendees. Joseph Palacios

The NHS was not sure what to expect when it came to attendees. Most years feature a bustling crowd, led by over a hundred students, through a maze of treats and activities. Community concerns regarding the pandemic and general lack of advertisement led organizers to believe a small crowd was to be expected.

As the start time approached, families lined up outside of the Ross Center, eager to see the wide array of decorations and costumes organized by the National Honor Society. 

Despite earlier assumptions, there was an amazing turnout during the event. Attendees and organizers alike felt an overwhelming joy, knowing Brentwood’s children got to experience an event we weren’t able to see in over a year.

A big takeaway from Safe Halloween’s success is that in the face of any challenge, Brentwood will always come back, bigger and better.