The Mental Unrest of Part-time Jobs

Kyle Correa, Staff Writer

Some students leave school and almost immediately start working 10-hour shifts. Are you one of them?

Many students struggle to balance school and their part-time jobs, with either their shifts abandoned, or homework left undone. 

Many students at Brentwood High School have part-time jobs, but some struggle to maintain them in a healthy way. Multiple students have said that their jobs affect their sleep schedule. 

“I’m tired all the time and there’s less time to complete my work and less time for me to sleep,” said Sharon Flores, a senior. 

Students say they have part-time jobs in order to pay for their own things and to give them the life skills that they don’t learn inside a classroom. However, it takes away the free time students get to themselves. 

“It helps me toward my future but its stressful and I can’t focus as well since I get less hours to myself,” said Giselle Martins, a senior. 

Another obstacle is students staying after school for after school activities. They say staying after is mentally and physically draining having to cram both work and after school activities together. 

“My energy is constantly drained, and I have too much going on at once since I stay after most of the times,” said Natalia Canela, a junior. 

Students even have responsibilities at home that interfere with school and their job whether its chores, studying, tutoring or even taking care of your siblings. 

“I’m always busy and get no breaks because I have to take care of my sisters as soon as I get home while also doing my homework,” said Kenzy Velasquez, a junior. 

Ways to help overcome stress are creating a routine to complete tasks at certain times. Students might also choose to take a day or two off from work just to have a mental break.