Taylor Swift Re-releases Album “Red”

Taylor Swift is re-recording six out of her nine studio albums, to own them outright.

Sara Echavarria , Staff Writer

Wanting to take back what is hers, Taylor Swift has been re-releasing her first six albums, previously recorded under Big Machine Records. Her latest re-released album, titled “Red (Taylors Version),” came out on November 12 and features a 10-minute version of her song, “All Too well.”

In 2005, at the age of 15, Swift signed her contract with Big Machine. In doing so, Swift sold away her rights to owning her masters (the first recordings of her songs). With the complication of her masters being sold to Shamrock Holdings, the singer lost the ability to perform any of her songs from her previous six albums. This is what ultimately led her to the decision to re-record these albums.

“…Good for her. It sucks that she was underage, and they took advantage of that,” said Ms. Coreas, Native Language Arts teacher.

The re-recorded songs have driven fans crazy. Fans have become detectives in attempts to connect the dots and figure who and what the songs in general are about.

“It’s different, her old music is more sentimental. They are the same songs, but they have two different feelings, the latest music is more mature,” said Jennifer Hernandez, a senior.

Taylor’s actions have formed a lot of opinions. Some view her as a hero, a strong woman who did not let her obstacles get the best of her. Others think she is doing too much, and delusional for wanting to own all of her music.

“I think that it is hopefully going to help some artists that are starting are out, be a little bit stronger in their negotiations of what they want their contract to be…and hopefully help some people who are in a similar situation realize they can kind of take back their rights to their music…,” said Ms. Sabatella, math teacher.

To the surprise of many, the “All Too Well (10-minute version)”, is the original version. It all happened one day at a rehearsal for Swift’s “Speak Now” tour. Taylor was having a difficult day and began to express herself over the pattern of four chords.

Her band joined in once they got the gist of the song, and the song was born. They went on and enjoyed the raw moment without the care of a song having to be less than four minutes on average.

“It’s amazing honestly, the acting, the big and intricate details not only in the film but in the song as well,” said Destiny Johnson, a senior. “Her ability to write how she feels, without the lyrics being cringey or feeling forced and generic is amazing. Everything is connected in a way, and it really allows you to enjoy all the details.”

Interested in watching the “All Too Well (10 minute version)”  directed from Taylor Swift herself? Head over to YouTube to see Sadie Sink from “Stranger Things” and Dylan O’Brien from “Teen Wolf” and the “Maze Runner” perfectly execute their roles in this 14-minute film.

“You can’t help but respect Taylor and her work. If you pay attention even a little, you can see the amount of effort she puts into her music,” Johnson said.