Tragedy Strikes at Astroworld Concert: Fans Blame Travis Scott

Marlen Maldonado, Staff Writer

Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert, held Nov. 5 at NRG park in Texas, led to heartache and tragedy when eight people died and hundreds of others were injured. His actions, as well as those of other performers and event workers, led many to wonder: who is at fault? 

During the Astroworld concert many people of all ages attended. Unfortunately, the event was so disorganized that many people who did not have tickets were allowed to sneak in. This resulted in overcrowding, and eventually lead to some people getting trampled. 

Tragedy struck when those in the crowd started to pass out and go into cardiac arrest. Panic arose, which led to everyone there trying to leave and caused many injuries.  Hundreds of lives were at risk and eight of them were unfortunately ended. 

“I feel sorry for all the people who died. My condolences go out to the families,” said Justin Garcia, a senior at Brentwood High School.        

In all the chaos, the crowd tried yelling out to performer Travis Scott for him to stop the concert. Unfortunately, he ignored the members shouting to stop and carried on with his music.

An ambulance did go to the scenes of some injuries; however, it was hard for the paramedics to help everyone since there was such a large crowd. 

People have said Travis is a selfish person for failing to help his fans at a time of need.

“I did not look too much into it, but I do know Travis Scott did not do anything at all to help the people who were dying at his concert, which is concerning,” said Haivy Pham a senior at Brentwood High School. “Since there were people going on stage trying to stop the concert and he just did not care.”   

After the concert ended, the situation went on every media outlet which led to many opinions on what occurred. The angered families of those whose lives were taken away wanted to sue Travis for what happened and put the blame on him.   

Travis did speak out with an apology video saying that he would pay for all funeral expenses. However, he was rejected by the families of victims since they felt as though he was trying to buy them off. 

“Even after, he didn’t apologize properly, it looked like he was forced into it,” Pham said. “Didn’t he give a really bad apology afterwards? But I feel like he did it for his image rather than feeling genuinely sorry.” 

While many were quick to blame Travis, others blame the crowd who or the security. They believe Travis had no control over the situation since he was not aware of what was happening at first.  

“The security could have done more to help,” Pham said.

“You can only blame three people, the people who went: Travis Scott himself, and the people who own the building,” said Garcia.  

Another issue that did not help the situation was that Kylie Jenner, who has a child with Travis Scott, attempted to defend him since she was at the concert. However, this angered people more since she could have helped the people who needed help.

What happened at Astroworld teaches other performers that they should take better care of their fans.