Decreased Turnout in Student Council Elections Shows Need for Change

Michelle Guevara, Staff Writer

According to Ms. Lewis, Sonderling Librarian, the high school only received 471 votes for this year’s student council elections. Considering that there are over 4,000 students in the building, this shows a concerning lack of voter turnout and interest in student elections in general.

When there are a lack of votes, there are also a lack of voices. We interviewed Ms. Lewis to learn more about the voting process at the high school and the responsibilities of a student government officer.

 Q: Why is it important to vote in student council? 

A: So that students have representation in their student government. We live in a democracy where the people vote for themselves, so that our elected officials can listen to the people.  

Q: How do students vote?

A: Polls are posted online on teams. It makes it easier that way so anyone can vote. Everyone deserves a say in our student government. Usually elections are held in may but because of rona it has been delayed to idk when. 

Q: What can student councils do for us? 

A: They help run events like homecoming, the talent show, Brentwood idol, the Read Aloud, and Senior Field Day. In normal times, student advisors helped raise scholarship money for seniors. Usually, we get around $7,500 a year. All the money made from sophomore class , and juniors goes towards senior activities such as the prom. 

Q: How long do students stay in a student council position? 

A: Student councils stay in position for one year. They may get re-elected and stay in power.  

Q: What was the student council’s biggest project? 

A: Last year, Amber Conell organized Senior Field Day. This year, presidents from student council, as well as sophomore, junior and senior government club, will be organizing and facilitating a monthly town hall meet between the student body and administrators  

Q: Shat is the student council president capable of? 

Student presidents can find ways to be present for their constituents.

The student council has a huge impact on the school. Without enough votes, students fail to have a say in major decisions that affect every class of students.