The Happiness I Craved

As I stood at the edge of the cliff, I thought back on the life I lived until now. The happiness I felt was nice, for sure, but what I felt more was the emptiness. All I ever tried to do was please the people in my life. Seeing the smiles on their faces and hearing the words of thank you filled me with the warmest feeling, but the more I did for them, the less I heard thank you, and the less they smiled. I was expected to go beyond, and when I did not, people became disappointed, and they treated me as if I were a failure because I did not do what they wanted. At the same time, others treated me as if I were perfect, but it was so exhausting to keep up my wall. People would whisper about how I was so perfect, trying to break down my wall, leaving me to build it back up with no help, but I became tired of building it back up. I broke my wall down, only for those to whisper about who I really was. So, I left. I heard that people do care and that they are looking for me, but is it worth it to go back to a place where I cannot be me anymore? Or should I start somewhere new, or even as someone else? The decision I made led me to the edge of this cliff, and the darkness I saw a moment later felt like the happiness I craved.