Midway Through Biden’s Presidency, America Decides Its Future

Ariel Campos, Staff Writer

https://www.flickr.com/photos/145362372@N03/44233428900 (Kevin Smith)

Tensions couldn’t have been higher as candidates faced off in the ballot box on Nov. 8. for the 2022 Midterm Elections.

Midterms are nothing new in American politics, and these rounds of Midterms are no different as they will determine the trajectory of the Biden Administration for the next 2 years. They could also influence the outcome of the 2024 Presidential elections.

Leading up to the night of the elections, most analysts predicted a “Red Wave” where Republicans would take back Congress and other vital seats. The night turned out to be a landslide victory for Democrats, as they were able to not only hold vital seats in Congress but also gain some as well. Specifically, Democrats flipped 1 seat in the Senate and 3 Governorships.

Both pundits and professional analysts alike have given their opinions as to why the candidates performed the way they did. A common theme that can be found in most analyses is a failure by Republicans to capitalize on the advantage they had over Democrats in both chambers of Congress.

Republicans were at a historical advantage this election cycle, with America experiencing record-high inflation, a mismanaged pandemic, and the outbreak of war in Europe, scenes most people never expected to see in their life again. The failure to capitalize on this by the Republicans led to many Americans pinning the blame on the system in general, rather than any one party.

“These oldheads that get elected won’t listen to the new generation,” said Anthony Romero, a student.

This constant failure of the American political system at large has drastically affected the political views of the youth. The political party that’s best capitalized on this is, ironically enough, Democrats.

Politicians like A.O.C., Bernie Sanders, and Ilhan Omar, among others, have appealed to both the youth and the changing demographics of America.

“Whether you’re Democrat or Republican, all the Trump backed candidates where far-right…they could not compete in the general elections,” said Dr. Taylor, the assistant principal of Ross.

While the more extreme candidates could appeal to their narrow bases, they couldn’t appeal to the demographics of a rapidly changing America.

With this statistical and demographic edge in American politics, the question’s still to be answered if the party can deliver on its promises and values to the American people. Many reforms Progressives have fought for like Universal Healthcare and codified Pro-Choice laws have yet to be delivered.