Ye West’s Popularity Goes South

Amna Naqvi, Staff Writer

West’s current behavior in the media has some questioning his platform, and fans might not be the only thing he loses. Brands such as Adidas and Balenciaga have started dropping their contacts with Ye West.

Many believe that West’s platform is too large and is very influential. He should be cautious of his posts considering his large following.

“He has a responsibility to act a certain way because of his large platform,” said Mr. Jackson, an English teacher.

The controversy began in October when Ye spoke about his “anti-blackness” during Paris Fashion Week, when he wore a “White Lives Matter” shirt.

Ye West has always been a controversial figure. One of his most damaging rants was during an appearance on TMZ in 2018, where he stated that “slavery was a choice.”

“As a person he may not be problematic but with his platform he can have a large influence,” said Eloy Mendez-Vargas, a junior.

Many believe that after the death of his mother, Donda West, in 2006, Ye has never been the same. Ye was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2016 after being hospitalized in psychiatric care.

“If you listen to Ye’s older music he contradicts a lot of his current beliefs, but I also believe that his mother’s death did have a lot to do with his current downfall,” said Ms. Ramos, an English teacher.

West started his partnership with Adidas in February 2019 when created his clothing and shoe brand, Yeezy. His sneakers became popular but the Yeezy slides, released in December of that same year, stole the show.

After Ye made some controversial comments about the Holocaust, he started losing brand deals. Adidas, his biggest partner, is a Germany-based company and was particularly concerned by West’s behavior considering the nation’s Nazi history.

On December 1, Ye appeared on The Alex Jones Show. He made comments saying that “The Jewish media has made us feel like the Nazis and Hitler have never offered value to this world.”

After his multiple controversial interviews and Instagram posts, Ye lost his Forbes billionaire status.

“He is problematic but it may be because of his mental health issues,” said another student.

In spite of any possible mental illness, the list of brands dropping contracts with Ye is getting longer by the day.