Terrifier 2: Too Terrifying?

By David Castro

Is it really a horror movie without the horror? 

Terrifier 2 was released in theaters on Oct. 6. Now viewers are saying it was too graphic for the movie theaters. Some are going as far as to question if it should even be available on streaming platforms. 

There are multiple scenes in the movie where graphic content occurs (warning: spoiler alerts ahead). For instance, Art the clown rips a girl’s arm off while she’s conscious. When she falls down in pain, he pours bleach and salt on her back. 

Critics say the movie made people pass out in the middle of the film. Videos have been going around on social media of people being driven to the hospital from the movie theaters during the film’s screening.  

 “Meet Terrifier 2, the new horror movie that makes audience swoon, vomit, and go to the hospital,” said twitter user @paranormal hoje. 

The movie has a lot of viewers questioning if it’s really that bad or if people are just being dramatic. In a TikTok video, @imtropicaljoe said horror fans will love the film, but the ending didn’t surprise him. 

Ironically, the fact that so many viewers had difficulty getting through the film made more people want to watch it.

 “I low key really want to watch terrifier 2 like y’all are passing out and being sent to the hospital,” said @worm_food17, a twitter user. 

“Terrifier 2 was “sooooo” much better than I even expected but also so much gore it was so cool though,” said @G40ST_, a twitter user. 

You can watch this movie on a couple of streaming services right now such as Amazon Prime video, Apple TV, and Redbox. Check it out today…if you dare!