Harry Styles Collaborates with Gucci

Karina Mauricio, Staff Writer

No more same white shirt. Singer Harry Styles is collaborating with Alessandro Michele from Gucci for a fashion line to be released Nov. 3. 

Styles and Michele have been friends for a while. According to an article on GQ, they came up with the fashion line idea over the phone. 

Harry Styles is a famous English singer who started his career on the X Factor where he formed a boy band called New Direction with Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne back in 2010. Since 2016 when the band called it quits, Harry now makes music and performs on his own.

“I love listening to Harry’s music. My favorite song by him is Woman,” said BHS student Kimberly Morales 

Alessandro Michele is an Italian fashion designer who works for Gucci. Gucci is a very popular and expensive brand. Michele has helped make many designs for Gucci. 

“I have purchased a Gucci product. It was perfume. I really liked it,” said Jazlyn Rivera. 

“I like the Gucci brand,” said Jason Borjas.

Harry has always had a unique style. In the fashion line, they explored Harry’s style and made some clothes inspired by it. There are some graphic tees designed with animals and lyrics from his songs, leather jackets, and a lot of patterns.  

The prices of the graphic tees vary between $690-$750. Some jackets are $3,700. Some pants and vests are between $1,600 to $1,800. Coats are $4,500 and jackets $3,700. Shoes are $980. 

“I love Harry and his style. I’d say he is a fashion icon,” said 10th grader Melannie Rodriguez.

“In my opinion, Harry is not always a fashion icon. It depends because sometimes he wears good things, but sometimes not,” said Sonderling student Dulce Escobar.

This fashion line also includes many different accessories. Styles is almost always wearing a purse or bag, so you can already assume the fashion line has purses. There are also hats, sunglasses, socks, and more.

The prices of hats vary between $590 to $780.  Socks are $235. Shoes are $980. Purses are $6,900. Sunglasses are between $565 and $755. Scarfs are $370 to $720. Ties and bowties cost $330 and $410. 

Harry also has his own brand of nail polish called Pleasing. The polish comes in a variety of colors, but you can purchase a set of four colors for $65.