Bad Bunny’s “Un Verano Sin Ti” Has Led to Un Verano de Fama

Tatiana Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Bad Bunny is a famous Latin singer who has influenced many with his music. His latest album “Un Verano Sin Ti,” released worldwide on May 6, 2022, includes lyrics that are relatable for someone who is suffering from heartbreak. 

Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, formally known as Bad Bunny, has risen to the top of reggaetón as the “king” since his latest album dropped. In an interview circulating on TikTok, Arcangel, another prominent reggaetón singer, said that Benito is the best musical artist right now. 

Bad Bunny was recently crowned Artist of the Year at the Apple Music Awards 2022. Brentwood students differed over whether he deserved the recognition. 

“I fully agree [he deserved to win] because a lot of people who didn’t listen to Spanish music would hear Bad Bunny and be like ‘wow that’s good’ and then they’d get hooked,” said Henrye Richardson, a former Brentwood student. 

“I would say I’m in the middle because he’s a good artist and a lot of people do listen to him, but I feel like his album was more of a summer thing,” said Karina Mauricio, a sophomore. 

Over the years people have seen different sides of Benito in his albums, separating him into two different categories: Trap Bunny and Bad Bunny.  

“I like New Bad Bunny, I feel like he’s more relatable,” said Sophia Chavez, a sophomore. 

Overall, the love Benito has from his fans after this new album has only grown.