How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day When You’re Single

Here’s a list of ways you can mark the occasion when you don’t have that special someone.

Eloy Mendez-Vargas, Staff Writer

Does the sight of couples gallivanting, cuddling, and being all lovey-dovey generally give you every reason to be jealous? No worries. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for the googly-eyed couples that roam the halls of Brentwood High School. It’s also a time to shower your closest friends and family with tons of love. There’s still room for us lonely folks, so I’m here to tell you exactly how to spend Valentine’s Day, even if you don’t have a Valentine! 

Cooking & Baking 

Every holiday gives us a reason to stimulate our culinary minds in some way, shape, or form. For many people, cooking or baking delicious meals for family and friends is the best way to express themselves and show appreciation for the people in their life. This is no different on Valentine’s Day.  

You may not have that special person, but why not make everyone else feel special with some delicious Valentine’s Day heart-shaped cookies, or some sweet red velvet cupcakes with your favorite frosting art and toppings? Bring it to class and share it with your friends and peers! Or simply make some for those closest to you.  

Arts & Crafts 

But there are seldom few who would reject a hand-crafted gesture of goodwill. Whether it’s be a paper heart, a drawing or painting of your friends and family, or even just spending time with friends making some Valentine’s Day themes friendship bracelets, any kind gesture is a good and valuable one! 

Take a Stroll 

As boring and cliché as this suggestion might sound, a nice stroll around your neighborhood, a visit to the park, or really just anything that gets you out and away from any negative thoughts, will help your mental and emotional health tremendously. It is better to be out and away from your own thoughts for a while than to think about what you don’t have. Let it go, man. 

I advise you to be careful though. Walking outside during the coldest winter months is lowkey crazy. If you do decide to take a walk, make sure to gear up in your warmest winter clothes. Otherwise, it is probably better to take a car ride instead. 

Enjoy Your Own Company! 

Sometimes the most important thing is to simply enjoy your alone time. Spend time with yourself wisely, but most of all, make the effort to know yourself better. Experiment with hobbies, do anything that brings you joy, write down your thoughts. These simple things might seem trivial at first, but they ultimately help us to love and appreciate ourselves. It’s important that we get in touch with our feelings and come to terms with them so we can grow into better people.  

Valentine’s day isn’t just about showing love to ‘the one’. It is also about showing love to everyone!