The Best Locations for a Perfect First Date

Mariana Arboleda, Editor-in-Chief

First dates can be nerve-wracking.  Society puts endless expectations on what a “perfect date” should look like. Many feel pressured to present the best version of themselves and worry about making any mistakes.

However, your first date does not have to look like it’s straight out of a fairytale. To have a “perfect” first date, all you need to do is get to know your partner and deciding whether they are compatible with you.  

Below, you can peruse a list of places that are not only fun to go to, but also places that provide you with the opportunity to really get to know someone. Some are also budget-friendly in case you don’t want to break the bank (in this economy, I’m not surprised.) 

Museum Date  

For all intellectuals or art lovers, a museum is one of the best places to start a deep, nourishing conversation with your special person.  

In a museum, you can peacefully observe art together, discuss interesting parts of an artwork, or simply take a walk around the building while observing meaningful art. If you are bold enough, you can hold hands while you stroll.

If you are an introvert, a museum can be the least nerve-wracking place to go. It is a peaceful and enjoyable place to be in that does not require talking all the time. So even if you run out of topics to talk about, you and your date can simply stare at an art piece or find new topics by discussing them.  

Some of the best museums to go to include: Heckscher Museum of Art (for only $5), Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum ($25), Queens Museum (free!), and Museum of Modern Art PS1 (free!). 

Ice Skating 

Ready to be embarrassed? An ice-skating date is really the best way to get you and your date out of your comfort zone – unless you are a pro at ice-skating. In this case, feel free to show off.

However, it is also the best way to hide those first date jitters. You’ll be jittering from the cold instead! Whether it is by holding hands, or catching your partner before they fall, ice skating can provide a romantic backdrop.  

Make sure not to break an arm or leg, though. You do not want your first impression to be being carried out of the rink to the hospital. Gear up in your warmest but most comfortable winter clothes and be ready to have the best time ever.  

Some local skating rinks include: The Rinx ($12-13), The Rink at the Rockefeller Center ($21), Wollman Skating Rink ($15), and Tanger Ice Rink at the Outlets ($15). 


Can’t afford admission entrance to a museum or an ice rink? Going to Target is the perfect place for you and your date. As simple as it sounds, if you and your special person do not have the time to go on an extensive date or have some extra time on your hands, a quick 1-2 hour target run will suit you the best.  

Whether you want to spoil your date with some treats (snacks or a good book), or window shop to check out the new stuff in stock, you will eventually find yourself having fun.  

Or you can ask them to choose the items they think would suit you the most and see if they got it right. If you are feeling generous, you can even buy some items you think would suit them.

The best times to go are preferably late at night or early in the morning when it is the emptiest and least filled with customers. Just stop into your nearest Target and start the adventure.  


Are you looking to have some high energy fun with your date? If you are willing to spend your paycheck on some colorful and loud fun, an arcade is the place for you. Even if you feel awkward or too nervous during your date, competing at skee-ball or a car-racing game will undoubtedly lessen some tension.  

By the end of the day, you and your partner will have laughed so much that it will leave you both very satisfied. If you do decide to choose this place and are the absolute worst at games, be prepared to be embarrassed in front of your partner (been there, you’ll be fine).  

Otherwise, just go with the flow! Try as many games as you can and test your date’s gaming skills. It is an easy way to see some qualities you might have never seen in them before.  

Some of the best arcade places to go to are Dave & Buster’s ($15-100), The Gamers Club ($7-30), Game On Retro Arcade at the Smith Haven Mall ($20) 

City Walking Date 

For all the adventurous city people, taking a quick trip to the city that never sleeps might be the best way to spend a first date. Whether you want to visit specific places or restaurants in NYC, or simply explore everything the city has to offer, you’ll never run out of options.

There are plenty of free attractions to consider. Take your date for a walk around Central Park, admire the sunset at the Brooklyn Bridge, walk along the Hudson River at the Chelsea Piers or visit some of the best malls in the city such as the Westfield World Trade Center.  

All you really need are train and subway tickets, unless you want to invite your date to a fancy restaurant. If not, food carts are always a budget-friendly option.