Top 5 Trendy Shoe Brands

Karina Mauricio, Staff Writer

Are you looking to buy trendy shoes? Comfortable shoes? Stylish shoes? Well check out the top 5 most popular brands right now!  

1. Nike 

The Nike brand is popular for their sneakers. Some of the most popular and featured shoes on the website are Air Forces, Air Jordan 1’s, Dunks and Blazers. They also feature a lot of exercise clothes such as sweatpants, sports bras, sweatshirts, leggings etc. The clothes are a bit pricey but worth it. Nike has also collaborated in making sports teams jerseys.  

2. Puma 

Puma offers a lot of shoes that could be used for exercising, running, or simply just styling. The website features shoes like RS-X Faded,  Suede Classic XXI, They also feature some clothing items like hoodies and sweatpants. Puma has also collaborated to make sports teams jerseys just like Nike. 

3. Skechers  

Skechers has a lot of different shoes in different styles and colors that apparently have a “comfort pillow” cushion in the heel, according to the website. As of right now, they have Groundhog Day promotions and Valentine’s shoes which they collaborated with JGoldcrown to make. Skechers features shoes for the whole family. 

4. Adidas 

Adidas features many styles and colors of sneakers as well. Made for any occasion, running, exercising, playing soccer, and more. They also offer a lot of popular pieces of clothing such as sweatpants, sweatshirts, workout clothes, etc. As well as Nike and Puma, Adidas has also collaborated to make sports teams jerseys. 

5. New Balance 

New Balances are also popular for their running shoes and sweaters, which is most featured on the website. They are very fun to style and trendy right now. Some of the most worn New Balance shoes I’ve seen around are the 574’s, 547 Core’s, the 550’s and the 933’s which are pretty pricey as well but all super cute.