Top 5 Overpriced Clothing Brands

Michel Martinez, Staff Writer

There are many clothing brands that are expensive. You’d think an expensive clothing brand would make high quality products, but sometimes they aren’t made to last. If you want to learn more about brands that are like this, read below.  

1. Gucci 

Gucci is one of the most famous and expensive clothing brands. On their website there is a baby blanket that has a pink, soft GG print all over. The price is $540. This price for a baby blanket is outrageous. There are so many more blankets anywhere else, that are way softer, for a very different and cheaper price.

 2. Balenciaga

You might remember of Balenciaga when they first came out with the Lays chip bag purse, which went viral all over Internet. Why would they even make something so weird? Usually Lays chips cost $5 at most, but this Lay chip bag costs $1,800. With such an expensive price, you could buy chips enough to fill your room. 

3. Louis Vuitton 

Louis Vuitton is a brand that’s very famous for its LV designs. From shirts, to pants, coats, shoes, and to sunglasses, they have a wide variety of items. Louis Vuitton’s sunglasses cost $200+. Specifically, the LV X YK MY MONOGRAM SQUARE PAINTED DOTS, which cost $610. No sunglasses should ever cost more than $60.  A price like this is ridiculous for the ordinary consumer. 

4. Givenchy 

Givenchy came out with rainboots in 2022, and many expected them to have a crazy design. Many were right. This design looks like it’s not useful and looks like water can get into them even though they’re not supposed to. These useless looking shoes cost $795, a price for shoes that might break the moment you use them. 

5. Fendi 

Fendi is best known for their clothing line but what you probably didn’t know is that they have a tableware line as well. They have a white serving place with the rim covered in their logo. The one plate alone costs $720. The most people might spend on a plate is $20.