5 Tips to Treat Damaged Hair

Mia Espinal, Staff Writer

Struggling with damaged hair? Many factors affect luscious locks, such as hair health, diet, pollution, hair products, styling, and age. There have been many myths and legends about hair care like using rosemary oil, pouring liquid Aloe Vera, and plenty of more that just aren’t true. The following are realistic tips to help you keep your hair looking shiny and new.

1. Use oils and biotin shampoos.  

Using oils can help improve hair growth and strength. Hair is dependent on natural vitamins to be able to grow. Stimulating the blood to go to the scalp is the cause of hair growth. 

2. Get a keratin treatment! 

For many women, having straight hair is an ideal in our society today. Straightening your hair can make it look longer and easier to manage. Many use heating tools like flat irons to get that ideal straight hair. Getting a keratin treatment can give the hair more time to recover from such heating tools while giving you that semi-permanent straight hair.  

3. Get trims regularly.  

Getting trims makes your hair thicker, healthier, and shinier! 

4. Add moisturizer BEFORE showers. 

Adding moisturizer and washing it out in the shower will allow the hair to have a silky result. This works wonders on coarse, dry hair! Think about your hair care like your skincare, it’s very similar!

5. Don’t color or bleach your hair too much. 

Bleaching and dyeing your hair can cause chemical damage to the hair and be extremely difficult to fix as bleach on your hair is a very harsh process for your hair.