Nirgurfateh Singh

In cage of this freedom

I can’t fly anywhere

I have dreams

But I got scared


When I was in love

He cared about me

Now he makes me

Heartbroken & terrible in front of these human beings


I can’t have proper rights

That every girl wants

In history there was a girl

who was killed


Why do boys have so much independence

When we get abused, and

Why doesn’t anyone care?


Heer was a lover

Juliet was too

Why did they make such a bad impression?

Dhanbad, (Wealth) is bad for you


My parents grounded me

If I date someone

Why does my big sister get

married to her man?


That’s not fair

–my life

Every girl in this world may not have rights

Fateh is writing about girls

And listening while combing

Allah finding their sins

When I will die?