Where I’m From

Where Im From


I am from Silly-Bands, 

from fidget-spinners to Shopkins. 

I am from Justin Bieber, 

from “Baby, baby, baby, Oh!” 

I am from a childhood of color, with grey undertones. 


I am from the honor roll, 

from academic validation to perseverance. 

I am from a mother, but no father. 

I am from the welcoming of reality into a young child’s mind. 


I am from “No Justice, No Peace,” 

from lockdown drills to checking our Halloween candy before eating it. 

I am from, “What college are you going to?”  

“What do you plan on studying?”, and “What’s your plan for the future?”

I am from these moments leading up to the present,  

from the undetermined future to hopeful success and happiness. 

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