Acai Bowls: The Food Trend Everyone Is Raving About!

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The acai bowl is a famous food trend that’s made an appearance on all social media networks, but is it really worth trying? Starting in 2017, a food craze known as an acai bowl – a mixture of tropical fruits blended into a smoothie with your choice of toppings – has become everyone’s favorite treat.  According to an article called “Food Trends: Acai Bowls” written by the website Pop Up Cook Space, this snack was originally created in Brazil and is known for being both delicious and healthy. Its vibrant colors and pleasing aesthetic has caused this food trend to be a huge hit on social media apps, such as Instagram and Snapchat. When it comes to getting this tasty treat on the go, an individual has the ability to create his/her own fruit bowl however he/she would like!

Acai bowls typically consist of a thick smoothie made of acai berries, which is considered the base of the bowl. The Pop Up Cook Space website states that the acai berry is one of many super fruits that are known for helping to boost immune system levels. The bowl can include bananas, strawberries, blueberries, coconut shavings, and granola, which are all very healthy.

Although these bowls are considered good for you because of the amount of fruit in it, is it really healthy to consume on a daily basis? A registered dietitian named llana Muhlstein says, “You should really look at acai bowls as more of an occasional treat, not something you’d have as a meal.” Some people can look at this kind of snack as a “sugar bomb,” because of the 50 grams of sugar it contains, depending on the toppings and ingredients that are added. Limiting the amount of toppings with sugar in your bowl will keep it a healthy treat.

These tasty bowls continue to make appearances in local  areas, which are convincing people to go out, give them a try and understand what the rave is all about. If you are interested in seeing how this fruit bowl makes people go crazy, you can find it at almost any frozen yogurt or smoothie place.