Brentwood Fall Sports Make Huge Progress

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Brentwood Fall Sports Make Huge Progress

brentwood varsity football team after a huge win against CI

brentwood varsity football team after a huge win against CI

Sophia Seda

brentwood varsity football team after a huge win against CI

Sophia Seda

Sophia Seda

brentwood varsity football team after a huge win against CI

Sophia Seda, Staff Writer

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Sporting events have always been a main attraction at Brentwood High School. One reporter sat down with the soccer, football, and swimming coaches to interview them about tryouts, team objectives, and plans for the new year. Here’s what they had to say:


Varsity football is one of the very popular sports here at Brentwood High. And beware… attending their games can cause extreme suspense and impeccable amounts of school spirit.  The thrill of the game is almost enough to last a lifetime. Coach Dejesus sat down with reporter Sophia Seda to discuss the power of football.

For tryouts and cuts, one’s grades, attitude, and attendance matter above the skill that you’re at. In the beginning of the season, a standard performance letter is given out. If those requirements aren’t met, then Dejesus will consider dismissing a team player. And…calling all girls! Girls are allowed to join the football team! As long as a student has a proper physical in order, she can try out for football, too!

A typical practice would consist of changing, hosting a meeting, film, or activity, having a warmup, and then completing drills and going over plays.

A big challenge for the coach is meeting everyone’s potential skill level. With different players, he uses different tactics.

With respect to the team, social media hasn’t been a big issue. With that said, Dejesus always reminds his players that what is put out there is put out for the world to see.

Many people worry about head injury and concussion in this sport. But, not to fear, Coach Dejesus became certified in USA football. Dejesus has taken concussion classes to identify this injury, in the unlikely event that a student has one. Also, many changes have been made in the way to tackle so that the sport can become safer. Other old techniques have also been modernized. These protective skills have been made into drills that the athletes work on every day.

Any injured player is immediately removed and put on an intense protocol. Coach states that he takes the games one at a time, no matter who they play. Their biggest competition is really themselves. Coach says that when they play all 4 quarters to their full potential, they truly dominate.

Dejesus is a big advocate for healthy lifestyle. He teaches healthy diet and consistent hard work. He even brought a nutritionist to help the boys onto a steady lifestyle. In the future, he predicts the kids will be preforming with their best effort and wonderful improvements will be shown.

Coach always teaches positive energy skills in his everyday practices. He shows the boys that there is more than one way to handle problems. His primary concern with developing basic skills is knowing where they have to go. Unlike many, Dejesus isn’t a Brentwood alumni. He came here to coach because he knew from personal experience that we were a tough team, but perhaps more importantly, he wanted to go to a place where positive role models would greatly be appreciated. Dejesus was looking for a place where he could have a great impact.

The largest lesson coach wants the boys to learn is perseverance, how to build personal character, and overall how to become a successful young man.

Both on and off the field, Dejesus has 5 major goals. These are: showing up, being on time, completing all assignments – whether it be physical or not – put in the effort, and just be respectful. Coaches like Dejesus even help kids with college. Though many of this is done online, he will go forth and email scouts to see certain players.

This journey with the football team has truly been a great one.

JV Boys Soccer

The Junior Varsity Boys Soccer Team works very hard to achieve their goals. In an interview with Coach Searing, he described a very organized practice that included vigorous training sessions along with the fun of building sportsmanship and character.

Searing likes to motivate his players by simply being a friendly guy. Searing loves to be the boys’ number 1 fan. He strives to be relatable, and at the same time, a good role model for his players.

According to the coach, their biggest achievement so far has been dominating the other teams in their first 6 games. At the time of this interview, they have had 6 wins and 0 losses. Four times in a row, they have not even let the enemy get a ball in the goal.

Searing emphasized how the biggest theme he has for the players is to learn character and discipline. He states that their biggest competition at the moment is really finding the right position for each player. As Searing watches, he sees a special skill in each one of the team members. Fitting that skill is what is really hard. Expectations for this team include having great effort and great attitude in everything they do. The same values carry over within their community, their school, and their overall character.

If a student is thinking of trying out for JV soccer, they should consider that the team handles cuts in quite a wonderful way: the team allows the player to play and assesses his skills. If the coach finds he is not right for the team, the player leaves with constructive criticism so that he may work on those skills and try again next year. Coach says a player is ready for varsity when he shows great performance through the year as well as a stellar academic standpoint.

As a Brentwood grad himself, Searing chose Brentwood because he simply loves the atmosphere. He claims the players are more dedicated and passionate here than he’s seen anywhere else. In the future, coach expects the team to grow, to not underestimate their opponent, and to work at their highest level to achieve their maximum potential.

Varsity Boys Soccer

Varsity Boys Soccer is a whole other ball game (pun intended). In an interview with Coach Eden, he explained that a typical practice consists of a warm up, a talk about an opponent they will face soon in the future, and a few drills to benefit their performance.

Eden sates that motivation comes from within. Whether this be the desire to win or just the love of the game. He says self-motivation is the key to success. Though the team faced a tough loss the first game, they have then went forth and completed a 6 win streak. With this said, coach says they are still improving as they go.

Eden, above all, wants his players to learn how to be a good person from soccer. He says that many kids won’t grow to be soccer players, but they will grow to be workers, parents, and adult human beings. Some skills in soccer can teach a kid to be reliable, trustworthy and compassionate. These are all traits needed to be a successful adult.

At the moment, Eden said their biggest competition was none other than Commack. Aspirations for these players on the field include winning leagues, and possibly counties and states. Coach Eden said trials are difficult, even with the many years he’s been here. He prefers to allow as many kids as he can on his team. He explains how he would rather the boys be a part of something and work on it, than be a part of nothing.

Eden says that it is harder to improve an individual than to improve the team. Tactically, they plan out their plays and go for the win.

Coach Eden, much like many coaches and teachers here, is a Brentwood alumnus, and chose to coach here for that very reason. He encourages families to let their kids play soccer by simply saying, “it’s time to be a kid.” They have their whole life ahead of them to work and to act like an adult. Now is the time to make the memories that they can’t get when they grow up.

Nevertheless, he still sympathizes with each kid’s personal situation. In the future, he expects the players to continue their winning tradition and eventually go off to college. And maybe one day, they have learned from soccer and will give back to the community.

XC Boys

Cross Country is quite the sport for those who enjoy running. To be the best runner that you can be, Coach Kaplan says it is imperative to set goals for themselves. For all those running the mile in gym, Coach Kaplan explains the secret to running long distance is to just practice before hand overtime. He suggests starting small an adding laps as you get better.

Kaplan says that many kids dread the mile for this very reason. He says that kids cannot expect great results without an ounce of practice. Overall, he wants the runners to learn to be mentally tougher as they continue the sport.

Motivation from coach includes recognitions at the end of each game and, occasionally prizes. In the future, the team looks forward to running in the county championship and beating heir average times.


Swimming is an extremely tedious sport. The Brentwood- Bay Shore Girls Varsity Swim Team races against fractions of a second to be the best it can be. Even to qualify to swim in meets, you must be able to swim 2 laps across the pool, otherwise known as 50 yards, in under 40 seconds. Though these girls have yet to win a meet, as the season comes to a close, they improve continuously. The athleticism in these girls, along with their sportsmanship, greatly impacts the reputation of Brentwood High School sports in the best of ways.