The Start of Sophomore Year

Ellen Argueta

To say that I felt nervous on the first day of sophomore year would be a MAJOR understatement.

Freshman year went by in two seconds and I can still remember what I felt when all four middle schools came together – confused, excited and scared.

But I wasn’t in the Freshman Center anymore. This was the Brentwood High School. Highschool Musical, Zoey 101, and all the other teen films and television shows I had watched in preparation for my high school years were nothing like this.

As I walked into the Ross Center on the first day, I felt the pure anxiety I’d felt the first day of freshman year. This school isn’t just big, it’s ENORMOUS.

Everywhere you turn, there’s people. Every stairwell you go down leads to a new hallway that you can inevitably get lost in. It’s no longer just a bunch of fifteen-year-old students who just had their Quinceañera, there’s actual young adults that drive, have jobs and are going to college in less than a few months.

This got me to thinking – I have to choose what I want to do for the rest of my life real soon! But for now, I’m just figuring it out. I have clubs to join, people to meet and homework to do. My journey here has just begun…