Brentwood’s Haunted School Night

Brentwood's Haunted School Night

Catherine Torres

Going around and knocking on strangers’ doors asking for candy can lead to scary and dangerous situations. What if there was a safer way for kids to go out and trick-or-treat? Brentwood High School has solved this problem with its very own Safe Halloween.

The National Honor Society hosted this delicious event on Thursday, October 25, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. During these hours, young kids come into the school and receive candy from students and staff who are dressed up in costumes. Clubs such as the National Social Studies Honors Society and French Club participated by setting up games and fun activities in the hallways for kids to enjoy. Students also decorated the hallways in the Halloween spirit with skeletons and caution tape.

Volunteers for the night ranged from sophomores to seniors. Among the volunteers was sophomore Francisco Medrano, who attended with a group of friends to gain community service hours for ROTC. “It was really fun seeing the little kids actually getting into the spirit of Halloween,” said Francisco. He contributed by decorating the Ross Senior cafeteria and giving out candy to the little ones.

As implied by its name, Safe Halloween ensures a safe environment for students to enjoy Halloween traditions. For one, parents will know that children are receiving candy that has not been tampered with by a stranger. At Safe Halloween, children can play fun games such as The Bean Bag Toss in the Cafeteria to win prizes. They can also participate in other activities including coloring and spooky-themed arts and crafts.

Halloween shouldn’t be a night when parents should be afraid to put their kids at risk. When trick or treating out in public, parents should make sure they have the time to supervise the kids and inform them on what not to do. Safe Halloween is a secure alternative for families.